I'm sure it's extremely obvious to most, but we now have a new, darker theme! It has been requested a ton so we hope we have delivered something that matches your expectations.

The 'old' light theme is still available should you prefer it, just select "Vaelox" from the theme picker at the bottom of the page.

There are probably plenty of areas where the theme may look a bit weird, or be a little buggy, so please let us know and we can fix it :)

We have also enabled SSL for those who sleep better at night knowing there was a padlock protecting them from baddies.
Our current goal is to reset sometime mid to late (but before Christmas) December. As a lot of you are in school/college/university we need to try and figure out the date that works best for the most players.

So when would work best for you? When is your last exam or the start of Christmas holidays where you are?
Something that has never featured on a server myself or swifteh have owned is custom enchantments, and I thought now would be an ideal opportunity for us to discuss the possibility of bringing them to Vaelox.

We would initially start small with a pool of maybe 5-10 custom enchantments and then expand from there each Season. Enchantments would be removed/rotated/tweaked each Season to keep things feeling fresh.

Custom enchantments would be distributed as books which could then be combined with armour and tools in an anvil in much the same way as vanilla enchanted books work.

We would be able to give custom enchantments through any or all of the following:
  • Random vote rewards
  • Mob Arena
  • Faction Challenges
  • Lucky drops from mining or fishing
  • Boss mobs
  • Supply drops
  • Crates
  • Faction token shop
Certain enchantments could be locked to certain content to encourage players to participate in more activities than they usually would to obtain the "god tier" items.

Let us know your thoughts on whether or not custom enchantments would be a good idea for us to introduce. What enchantments would you like to see and what enchants would you like us to avoid?
While we are working away on Season 5 (and have been for some time), it is unlikely that we will have anything ready that will meet your expectations in the next couple of weeks.

This puts us in a slightly difficult position as having a Christmas-time-ish reset is pretty much mandatory for a server. Resetting mid-November (which is realistically the earliest we would have something ready by) would mean that Season 5's map would only be about a month long.

I feel that our best option is going to be having a reset at the earliest possible time in December when most people have finished school/college etc for their holidays. This will make sure that Season 5 is absolutely ready and gives us plenty of time to build up hype and work on all of the planned features.

With players from all over the globe, it's going to be tricky to find something that is perfect for everyone, but it would be nice to get some feedback about what would work for you. What date do you finish school for the holidays? When are your last exams?

The thought of having no new Vaelox Season to play until December upsets me too, but hang in there, it'll be worth the wait :)
As part of our ongoing open discussion with the community, I wanted to open up our internal talks about potential changes to the leaderboard system. The proposed changes would provide further simplification for new players while keeping all of the core mechanics the same or similar. Factions will be once again encouraged to target valuables, rather than leaderboard points OR valuables.

The changes would be as follows...
  • Factions would be once again ranked on their $VALUE, rather than leaderboard points. The Season winner would be determined by the Faction with the most value.
  • The existing leaderboard points and tokens would combine into a single currency. The new currency would be obtainable through all methods points and tokens currently are (+ any new ones we add). This means that both PvP related activities such as KOTH, Conquest & Castle would provide the currency, as well as non-PvP activities such as challenges.
  • The new currency can be used to purchase upgrades, void chests, spawners & other valuable items.
  • The new currency IS RAIDABLE. Hitting a primary claim would transfer a portion of this currency to the raiding Faction (much like leaderboard points currently do).
Any thoughts?
One mechanic we want to tweak in Season 5 is the primary claim mechanic. We think the idea of having multiple targets to hit when raiding is a good one, but it isn't perhaps the most intuitive.

We are proposing to simplify the mechanic in the following ways:
  • All primary claim commands for settings/unsetting primary claims are removed. Primary claims will be automatically assigned by the Factions plugin.
  • If a chunk is detected as containing over 'x' dollar value, the chunk will be marked as a primary claim for 24 hours.
  • If a (large) farm is detected inside a chunk, it will be marked as a primary claim for 24 hours.
  • Chunks marked as primary claims can be unclaimed at any time; If another Faction (or the same Faction) claims the chunk the primary claim status will carry over.
  • Primary claims can be raided by TNT that passes through the chunk, as well as if it explodes in the chunk (as it already does).
  • A Faction without any primary claims would not be able to gain points through any means. Any existing points would decay over time (and possibly be pooled and then distributed as prizes to other Factions).
All other aspects would remain the same. Primary claims can be raided to both steal points and slow down or stop the growth rate of the Faction that owns that primary claim.

We hope that the above changes make it much more user-friendly while keeping the core goals the same.

What do you think?

As the Season 4 spawn wasn't that well received (I didn't like it too much myself either) we will be ordering a brand new one for Season 5.

Though the spawn will be built by professionals, we need to give them an idea of a theme / layout to work from and wanted to gather some feedback from you guys.

Are there any spawns that stood out to you in the past and would love to see a modern recreation of? Do you have any ideas for something new entirely?

I think layout wise we have a pretty good idea of what works (main exit for PvP & portals close to the main /spawn point) but would also be happy to hear any suggestions regarding that as well.
Radio silence is never a good thing so just wanted to do a brief post letting you know what exactly is going on.

Season 5 development is currently underway. It perhaps isn't going as quickly as expected due to having a lot of other commitments but we are making progress each day.

The original plan was to just make a few changes to Season 4 and relaunch fairly quickly with the same builds and feature set. This plan has since changed and we are going to be making more substantial changes to the server before launching Season 5. The Season 4 spawn was admittedly fairly cruddy so that is definitely something we want to change :D

I get the impression that most of the new changes in Season 4 were fairly well received (except perhaps primary claims which I feel need simplifying) so we have a great base to work with going into Season 5. We want to again concentrate on providing new and interesting things to do while tweaking the core Faction mechanics to deliver a fairer experience for all.

As always we would love to hear feedback on both what you didn't like about Season 4 and what you would like to see in Season 5.

Just a quick thread to let everyone know that Season 4 will be officially ending on the 10th of September at 11pm UTC.

Season 4 is now officially over!

Expect news regarding Season 5 to follow shortly thereafter, and a Season 5 launch of late September / early October.

This is the time where we will be keeping a keen eye on the forums for suggestions and ideas for Season 5. I have seen some great ones so far (including docs with 60+ suggestions alone!) so there is plenty for us to be getting on with.

We have a trailer made which is just awaiting text for feature descriptions and finalised dates before we try and get it uploaded on the right channels. We will also be looking into creating some sort of incentive scheme for those who want to help us make the launch of Season 5 HUGE by uploading it to their channels.
Apologies for the delays in making these results official... but here they are!

Season winners - Casuals (250 USD Paypal)
Members: @Loot, **Raid, **Jimothy, **[ MVP ] imaCLASSIC, **milandegroot, **Solwolfer, **aCasual Helper, **[Mini-Bargarn] Spoooooooooky, **[TnTDetectorAlt] Motulde, **Lukemaster101, *LiterallyHitler BonusChest, *Decoys, *[Helper] Delta_trooper, *BadIdea, *SlyToxic_, *Rileywinsagain, *Baneful, *Chubska, *¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bevillmen233, *DumbAmericans, *WhipsJimmy KeithMc1, *DamianS, *PvPLord pRJumpy, *DueLizard116, *≥≥≥≤≤≤ jvika, *Taylorsasser, *Martyrs, *ImaSTRAFE, *❖ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓0❖ danifan, *Chucking123, *DrunkSquid, *MeltingRouters, *Madcroc, *IPulledOut, *Equzia, *ZuytAfk, *lethal_shrekin, *irishman744, *SwaguaR, +DaniFan'sEgirl Tomatoee, +SexualPrey Melonthefarm, +sjw2012, +DERP4812, +Howdy_Bitches Draft, +DarkLegacy1

2nd - Ghosts (150 USD Paypal)
Members: @XO Reagnarr, **251, **Lepax246, **[VapeNation] LostDucky, **modso, **Captain Sambuca, **carter_246, *MrDespite, *Valarie, *jOHNSLOn, *ukas246, *Vilanoxx, *charliechunders, *Zendia, *JakeEU, *Sleikka, *Hamish_bf, *Misunderstood, *Chquynn, *VOIDCHEST MissRandall, *Sinas_246, *[Classic Coon] M0rt, *YouAreHated, *Trippel, *GalenPanda, *TricksyJack, *ill, *Aussie Loukas, +Inspirable, +GaleenPanda, +LuBu, +AvneetFtw, +OnlyUsePing, +WhySoFrosty, +BellyBongos, +YoungMischief, +Defier_, + EU Frederik0711, +DishStud1616, +Razexa, +oAzteq_, +Ass_Vileator, +Bokessels, +Tandy_Derp

3rd - Attila (100 USD Paypal)
Members: @EnchantedHoe, **oTwitchy, **BigWheel, **Touchdown, **NutCheese, **Gliderr, **Kapam1, *NotWhite_, *Associates, *MythricHD, *TinyWheel, *SmallWheel, *Headbutted, *VEEZION, +AcetonePeroxide, +4U2, +SilkTouchII, +ImDrunk, +BlackAndAutistic, +TheRedstoneLab, +NutellaOnBread, +JenSelter, +Shamahh, +pappybob, +[Alt] DictatorTot, +StopRunninq, +Steelersfan, +neonrust, +ZachDaManParker, +Railway, +IAmDefiiant, +oSlayin, +caerre, +[Alt]...