This announcement will be brief but does include all of the important dates you need to know for the Season 2 → Season 3 transition.

Season 2 will end at 6:00am UTC Monday 20th of March.

The Season 3 announcement with all of the usual details and changes will go live Tuesday 21st March.

Season 3 will start on Friday 31st March.

Thought I would take the time to give everyone an update on what is currently going on behind the scenes and what you can expect to see from us in the near feature.

Development is currently well under way for Vaelox Season 3. We are scouring the forums for suggestions and feedback on what can be improved, and will of course be implementing as many as we can next Season.

We are particularly keen to hear suggestions (and justifications) on how (or if) we should change things like the max number of players in a Faction, cannon mechanics and maximum permitted buffers.

You can expect to see powerful new Faction upgrades, terrain changes, more automated PvE events, big changes to mcMMO, disguises, quality of life changes, new economy additions, legendary items and more!

The current Season will officially end 1-2 weeks before the start of Season 3, so keep an eye on our forums and twitter for updates.
As cannoning is a very important aspect of Vaelox Factions, we want our cannoning server to be the best that it can possibly be. If a cannon works on our test server, you can be sure that it will work when you invest time into building it on the main server.

It's also evident that many other servers have different mechanics or restrictions to Vaelox, but may not provide a server for you to test on; that's where our new command comes in.

The new /mechanics feature (available only the cannon server) will let you toggle various mechanics and restrictions in all of the plots you own, so that you can test out cannons for any server that you play on.

All of the settings default to what is in place on the Factions server. You can mouseover a mechanic to see the default state and a brief description of what it does. You can toggle a mechanic by clicking on it.

Both our cannon and Factions server now feature advanced client anti-lag measures which include:
  • Entity stacking (all TNT / falling blocks will be stacked on your client to reduce lag caused by having to render and process packets for them)
  • Minimal packet spam
  • Minimal particle effects
We are sure there are many other weird and wonderful mechanics you would love to be able to toggle, so do let us know in the comments!
We are also currently investigating the best way to allow players to both upload and download their schematics.
In order to better keep track of player issues or queries, we have now implemented a new support ticket system. We hope that this will ensure that all queries are responded to in a timely manner without getting lost in a staff member's conversation inbox.

You can submit a support ticket here: http://www.vaelox.com/newticket/ or through the new tab at the top of every page.

Tickets are only viewable by the submitter, myself, @swifteh , @Barney and @HEEVES . Anything discussed in a ticket is absolutely confidential just like a regular PM.

Support tickets should be used for coupon redemptions, private suggestions, game breaking bug reports, issues with ranks or payments and all other general ingame issues.
The results for Season 1 are now in and you can find the winning Factions and eligible members below. If a name has anything in brackets it means they are not eligible for coupons or Amazon gift cards. Reasons include being an alt, not being a member for at least 2 weeks or not contributing any points to the Faction.

All coupons will be automatically distributed to eligible players in the next 24-48 hours via ingame /mail.

Raid, carter_246 and JohnSlon: You guys/girls need to contact me via forum PM so that we can sort out splitting your Amazon voucher among eligible Faction members. It does not need to be split evenly but we would hope that you take a fair approach.

The leaders of the rest of the Factions listed here need to contact me via forum PM to let me know the currency, country and email address for the Amazon gift cards to be sent to.

Winners – Demonic
Members: Raid, Loot (alt), Jimothy, Baserocks, Themba, klassikreloadz, EoPlaysHD, SereneSteel, Kachow_, iTeeloh, Mateo_, Ribich, MightyMurphy, Chzn, Polr, lethal_shrekin, Hock3ystar, Nelson_, Aimlocked, Raffled

2nd – 246Team
Members: carter_246, ukas246, Lepax246, Lanarc246, Nobo246 (alt), Sleikka, Mike_246 (alt), SethBling246 (alt), JessPinkman246 (alt), SaulGoodman246 (alt), Kakka246 (alt), TucoSalamanca246 (alt), WakterWhite246 (alt), DoctorWho246 (alt), Xmix46 (alt), Slime246 (alt), YouAreHated (¬2 weeks), 246Team (alt), Slinas246 (alt), MaxGuevara246 (alt)

3rd – TNT
Members: JohnSlon, Chquynn, LuBu, Avery_Kush, PaulaTheKoala, ZF4 (alt), Horny12YearOld (alt), BonusChest, Maevis (¬ points), Vaylle (alt), Teslane (¬ points), 1_Samuel_1 (alt), EarlyCummer (alt), beaverwithafork (alt), slitherysnek (¬ points)

4th – Beast
Members: Enderb0ss341, HeadHanger27, Ukrain20, killervnt, Canadian2point0, TaySargee, Enderkiller341 (alt), marie1178 (alt), Mzaneb, Authagos, _Victarion (alt), Poles, MMusia, Enderkiller286 (alt), sawguy2003 (alt), skymaster10200, cool_kayla...
While nobody expressed concern after the Season 2 announcement was made, some Factions believe that enabling these cannons is a bad idea.

As I value the opinion of the players, I thought it was best to run a poll before cannoning is enabled.

I realise some of you have spent a lot of time designing bases designed to defend against this type of cannon, but I would appreciate honest votes that think of the bigger picture.
I am happy to finally be able to bring you some much anticipated news about the next map and the launch of Season 2.

As with our Season 1 announcement, detailed information about Season 2 and its features can be seen on our PDF announcement linked below; we highly suggest you give it a read!

For those not interested in reading and looking at pretty pictures, a tl;dr can be found below:
  • Real cash prizes, coupons and gift cards to the top 10 Factions at the end of the season
  • The top ranked PvP'ers at the end of the season will also receive Amazon gift cards and Vaelox store coupons
  • Removed cannoning restrictions on sand redirection
  • Increased maximum chunk buffer to 25
  • Block stacker
  • Genning buckets
  • Faction upgrades
  • Faction regions
  • New spawn & PvP arena
  • Improved F Top information & leaderboard point distributions
  • 2v2's, 3v3's and wager matches
  • New duel arenas
  • Last Man Standing
  • Incursion crate (with creeper eggs as a grand prize!)
  • Arena boss fights
  • Ingame lotteries
  • + Tons of miscellaneous other changes

The reset is scheduled to take place next Saturday 17th December 2016 at 8pm UTC. This time should be ideal for players in most regions.

Please note that all Faction data will be reset. Faction names can be reserved on this thread.

Everything from Season 1 will be reset except for:
  • Purchased ranks and emotes
  • Any home boost or extra backpack rows
  • mcMMO stats
Please ask any questions or discuss any concerns in this thread.
As we get closer to December and the commencement of Season 2, I thought now would be a good idea to give everyone information about what to expect and when.

Season 1 will officially end on Sunday 11th of December at 11:30pm UTC. At this point a snapshot of the leaderboards will be taken and anything done afterwards will not be counted.

Season 2 will start on either Thursday 15th, Friday 16th or Saturday 17th of December. We are still working out which will work best to coincide with the majority of Christmas holidays across the USA/Europe/Australia.

The server/map will still be active between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2. Use this time to have some fun, collect some coupons from KOTH/supply drops or even try and raid your allies.

We are aware that some Factions are planning to keep all, or the majority of their valuables "safe" right until the last second, giving other Factions no chance to raid them. This isn't in the spirit of the game and as such any Faction caught doing this will be disqualified from end-of-season rewards.

Factions must have the majority of their valuables in their land on or before Friday 25th November at 11pm UTC and until the end of the season, giving others just over 2 weeks for a fair chance to raid. All significant changes in f top and complaints from other Factions will be investigated, and staff will have the final say. Don't take any risks trying to get around this!

Update: Factions will be permitted 24 hours TOTAL of grace where the valuables do not need to be in their land for whatever reason. Once the time is up, the valuables must ALWAYS be in the land up until season end or your Faction risks being disqualified or losing ALL f top points.
Thanks to everyone who voted in October, the vote counts have now been reset and the new rewards for November are as below:


These rewards are obtained by voting for us x number of times in a calendar month. At the end of each month the vote counts are reset and a set of new prizes put up for grabs.

Voting is absolutely free and just takes a few minutes to do. You can vote for us daily by following the links at http://www.vaelox.com/vote/

Typing /rewards ingame will show the prizes currently up for grabs and the number of votes required to reach each prize.
Getting raided sucks; not only do you lose a ton of valuables but you also end up with a load of broken walls that nobody wants to spend hours repairing. Our new stacker plugin will make this as easy and as quick as possible.

The idea of the stacker plugin is that by placing one block, you can rebuild an entire column from bedrock to sky limit.

The first step in using the stacker plugin is buying some currency. Every time the stacker plugin places a block on your behalf it uses up 1 currency. You can buy some by typing /stacker buy <number> and it costs $5000 per 1000 blocks. Once you have some currency, you can start stacking blocks by sneaking while placing and having the stacker toggled on with /stacker on.


The above image is the output of typing /stacker info. This shows your current settings as well as how many blocks stacker can place on your behalf before you need to buy more. Our stacker plugin is very advanced and can be configured to place blocks only between certain y levels, place blocks upwards, downwards or upwards and downwards.

You can also configure stacker to replace liquids with the block you are stacking, or to stop stacking when it reaches another block.

A full list of commands can be found by typing /stacker help.

As stacker is a very powerful tool, there a few caveats:
  • Stacker can only place blocks that can be seen on /stacker blocks
  • The stacker cannot be used if any part of your land has been cannoned within the past 30 minutes
  • The stacker cannot be used if an enemy is nearby