As we get closer to December and the commencement of Season 2, I thought now would be a good idea to give everyone information about what to expect and when.

Season 1 will officially end on Sunday 11th of December at 11:30pm UTC. At this point a snapshot of the leaderboards will be taken and anything done afterwards will not be counted.

Season 2 will start on either Thursday 15th, Friday 16th or Saturday 17th of December. We are still working out which will work best to coincide with the majority of Christmas holidays across the USA/Europe/Australia.

The server/map will still be active between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2. Use this time to have some fun, collect some coupons from KOTH/supply drops or even try and raid your allies.

We are aware that some Factions are planning to keep all, or the majority of their valuables "safe" right until the last second, giving other Factions no chance to raid them. This isn't in the spirit of the game and as such any Faction caught doing this will be disqualified from end-of-season rewards.

Factions must have the majority of their valuables in their land on or before Friday 25th November at 11pm UTC and until the end of the season, giving others just over 2 weeks for a fair chance to raid. All significant changes in f top and complaints from other Factions will be investigated, and staff will have the final say. Don't take any risks trying to get around this!

Update: Factions will be permitted 24 hours TOTAL of grace where the valuables do not need to be in their land for whatever reason. Once the time is up, the valuables must ALWAYS be in the land up until season end or your Faction risks being disqualified or losing ALL f top points.
Thanks to everyone who voted in October, the vote counts have now been reset and the new rewards for November are as below:


These rewards are obtained by voting for us x number of times in a calendar month. At the end of each month the vote counts are reset and a set of new prizes put up for grabs.

Voting is absolutely free and just takes a few minutes to do. You can vote for us daily by following the links at

Typing /rewards ingame will show the prizes currently up for grabs and the number of votes required to reach each prize.
Getting raided sucks; not only do you lose a ton of valuables but you also end up with a load of broken walls that nobody wants to spend hours repairing. Our new stacker plugin will make this as easy and as quick as possible.

The idea of the stacker plugin is that by placing one block, you can rebuild an entire column from bedrock to sky limit.

The first step in using the stacker plugin is buying some currency. Every time the stacker plugin places a block on your behalf it uses up 1 currency. You can buy some by typing /stacker buy <number> and it costs $5000 per 1000 blocks. Once you have some currency, you can start stacking blocks by sneaking while placing and having the stacker toggled on with /stacker on.


The above image is the output of typing /stacker info. This shows your current settings as well as how many blocks stacker can place on your behalf before you need to buy more. Our stacker plugin is very advanced and can be configured to place blocks only between certain y levels, place blocks upwards, downwards or upwards and downwards.

You can also configure stacker to replace liquids with the block you are stacking, or to stop stacking when it reaches another block.

A full list of commands can be found by typing /stacker help.

As stacker is a very powerful tool, there a few caveats:
  • Stacker can only place blocks that can be seen on /stacker blocks
  • The stacker cannot be used if any part of your land has been cannoned within the past 30 minutes
  • The stacker cannot be used if an enemy is nearby
We have now opened applications for the "YouTuber" ingame tag! Successful applicants will be focused on quality and regular content and we do not necessarily care about the size of your channel.

The tag is clickable allowing players to be taken straight to your channel where they will hopefully subscribe and become a regular viewer of your content.

You can apply now by visiting
Our KOTH schedule is now live and can be viewed at

The times are all automatically corrected based on the timezone of your computer/device.

The grand prize for each KOTH will be one of the following:
  • $50 store coupon
  • $750,000 ingame money
  • Enderman Spawner, Creeper Spawner and Blaze Spawner
  • Beacon
  • Slime Spawner
The capper will also receive 2,500 Faction leaderboard points, so capturing these KOTHs will be well worth your time.

Each of the top 5 runners up will receive a cash prize ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 and a set of protection 4.
As per popular demand, October will see the return of the monthly voting rewards.

These rewards are obtained by voting for us x number of times in a calendar month. At the end of each month the vote counts are reset and a set of new prizes put up for grabs.

Voting is absolutely free and just takes a few minutes to do. You can vote for us daily by following the links at


Typing /rewards ingame will show the prizes currently up for grabs and the number of votes required to reach each prize.
A /kit reset which can be used every 10 minutes has now been enabled. This will give you a full set of gear, including potions and food, to PvP with.

I will also be on and off over the next few hours should you have a coupon which you wish to exchange.
I am happy to finally be able to bring you much anticipated news about the next map (which will be referred to as Season 1).

As with the relaunch, we have created a document which contains absolutely everything you need to know about Season 1. This forum announcement will be more of a tl;dr for those who don't fancy reading it.

You can view the Season 1 PDF by clicking here

We will be referring to each reset from here on out as a new Season. We will be putting a much heavier focus on the competition between Factions and the prizes on offer for each Season will be well worth competing for.

A summary of changes is as follows:
  • A new points-based Factions leaderboard
  • $2,000+ of prizes including $1,000 in Amazon gift cards will be on offer for the top 10 Factions on the leaderboard
  • The top ranked PvP'ers at the end of the season will also receive Amazon gift cards and Vaelox store coupons
  • Smaller Factions and tighter limits on relationships
  • Per-player Faction permissions
  • Tons of new Faction permissions such as logout, teleport others, unclaim own, redstone and more
  • A new transaction log for your Faction bank
  • New commands to see chunk claim information and a list of where all your claims are
  • A cannon protection mode for new Factions
  • A GUI shop and player-to-player marketplace
  • PvP Arenas, will support ranked & unranked 1v1's from the start with team fights coming later
  • Challenges - complete a set of random tasks first to win points and prizes for your Faction
  • New Warzone supply drop claim mechanics
  • New KoTH arenas
  • A completely reworked spawn and Warzone
  • Changes to the lower end of the economy to give quicker returns in order to buy high tier spawners
  • + Tons of miscellaneous other changes

The reset is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th September 2016 at 7pm UTC. We hope that the earlier than usual time will give those from Europe a...
Most of you are probably already aware that a new map is coming soon, but I thought I would make the news formal by posting an announcement.

Myself, swifteh and others, are currently busy working away behind the scenes on a ton of new features and tweaks for the new map. We want to make sure that everything is ready to go before we post the announcement this time to avoid any upset if promised features are not delivered.

Our focus for the next map will be on increasing the competition between Factions and encouraging more PvP in order to get to the top - wealth will not mean everything! We will also be putting a lot of focus on Faction management to make betrayals a thing of the past.

You can expect the new map announcement to go live sometime over the next week or two, with the reset itself following shortly after.

There are no plans to reset mcMMO for the next map (but please don't expect mcMMO to never reset) so you make use of the time to get leveled up and ready for the new map! I will also be popping on ingame daily for coupon redemptions as you will need to trade me the physical coupon for a code before the new map or it will be lost.

As always, if you have any suggestions, make sure you post them in our suggestion forum.
Whilst we are busy working away on the new map, we thought now would be a good time to open up staff applications!

We will be looking for applicants from a range of Factions in order to keep any bias on the staff team down to a minimum. Be aware that you can only submit one application, so make no mistakes!

Your submitted application will be viewable by everyone, so make sure you don't include any personal or private information about yourself or anyone else.

Applications can be submitted by clicking here

Applications are open until Saturday 20th August 1 am UTC.