KOTH Schedule

Our King of the Hill events run on an automated schedule which is the same every week and can be found below.


The times and days are automatically corrected for your timezone.

(main event)

(main event)

(main event)

(main event)

The KOTH capper will be awarded the grand prize which is selected at random at the start of each KOTH, 1,500 leaderboard points (or 2,500 for a main event) and up to 7500 Faction tokens. The prizes on offer for an active KOTH can be displayed by typing /koth prizes.

The possible prizes for a main event are:

  • 5 x $10 store coupons
  • 5 x $5 store coupons
  • Slime & Pigman Spawnesr
  • Beacon & Creeper Spawner
  • Enderman, Creeper, and Blaze Spawners
  • $1,000,000 ingame money

The possible prizes for a regular event are:

  • 2 x $10 store coupons
  • Zombie Pigman Spawner
  • Beacon
  • 10 x Pig Spawner
  • Creeper Spawner
  • $500,000 ingame money
  • Creeper, Enderman and Blaze Spawners

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