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    20th July 2017
    • Freshly placed cactus will now be "pre-aged". This wont affect cactus growth rates at all but will mean new farms will start producing cactus much more quickly

    16th July 2017
    • /castle tp will now send players to a random location near the castle, rather than inside it
    • Players in the Castle controller Faction can now mine the walls with 1 break

    15th July 2017
    • Added pig eggs to /ah
    • Spiders will no longer climb walls or spawn invisible (should make MA less frustrating)
    • Conquest will now deny recently killed players based on IP as well
    • Fixed an issue with the /conquest tp command showing the wrong cooldown

    14th July 2017
    • Added a chat message to inform players of Castle wall durability as they mine
    • Fixed an issue with the spawn /warp being set at the wrong location - this didn't affect the regular /spawn command

    13th July 2017
    • CAPTCHA will no longer kick players out of boats or other vehicles
    • Disguises are now automatically removed when a player is inside the Castle
    • Added a scoreboard to display Castle information to players inside the Castle
    • /castle tp and /conquest tp are now disabled in combat

    11th July 2017
    • Dead players can no longer contest the Castle
    • Added status messages in chat for Castle
    • The Castle wall block will now change colour based on the current durability remaining. Green = 100%, blue = 50% and red = less than 10%
    • Removed emerald blocks from the GUI shop
    • Increased the token/cash rewards on offer by Castle

    10th July 2017
    • Decreased the size of the CAPTCHA from 8-10 characters to 4
    • Decreased the rate at which players are asked to complete a CAPTCHA
    • CAPTCHA will no longer trigger in combat
    • Improved the Castle capture logic to no longer get stuck

    9th July 2017
    • Improved messages when trying to unclaim primary claims
    • Removed red flower drops from Iron Golems
    • Iron Golems now spawn with 20 health
    • Tweaked the discharge rate of void chests
    8th July 2017
    • Fixed an issue with claiming land
    • Fixed an issue with the kill mob challenge not tracking
    • Fixed an issue with redstone ore not being tracked for the mining challenge
    • The first wave of Mob Arena no longer counts for challenges
    • Reduced instances of fall damage after exiting fly
    • Endermen in the end can now drop emeralds
    • Fixed issues with players being unable to mine their way into the Castle

    Changes below are from Season 3 of before

    15th May 2017
    • Throwing enderpearls into webs will now trigger the cooldown
    • Buckets can no longer be emptied when combat-tagged

    14th May 2017
    • Invisibility can no longer be used when disguised
    • Fixed an issue with sponges
    • Enemies will now knock each other out of fly even if they have permission to fly there (disguises and stealth still obeyed)
    • Faction Tokens added to the store and as a vote reward

    12th May 2017
    • Added tracking to determine when any given chunk was last cannoned
    • Stacker is now only disabled in or very close to areas that have been recently cannoned

    6th May 2017
    • The piston limiter now counts ALL of a Faction's claims rather than single chunks. The limit has been increased to take this into account. We hope this will allow more pistons to be used in cannons while still discouraging them for farms.
    • Added the piston limiter to the cannon server. The limit is per plot and is set to notifications only so it does not interfere with how cannons operate. This should give you an idea if a cannon would hit the limit on the main server (assuming no existing piston activity in your claims)

    3rd May 2017
    • Faction banks are no longer limited by the $50m cap

    1st May 2017
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to bypass region-based command restrictions
    • Fences are now 1.5 blocks high for TNT / sand (though still full blocks from the side)
    • Fixed an issue with cannoning sand walls in unloaded chunks removing way more sand than intended
    • Fixed an issue with the logblock chest logger sometimes logging the wrong player if multiple people have the chest open

    April 30th 2017
    • Disabled mega water bucket in the nether
    • Fixed issues allowing players to phase or glitch through fence gates

    April 29th 2017
    • Added a new Faction perm "setwarps". Defaults to leader and co-leader
    • Added a new Faction perm "setnotify". Defaults to leader and co-leader
    • Split the "userhome" perm into two. Allows control of /sethome and /home separately
    • Fixed issues with items sometimes appearing in the wrong locations

    April 27th 2017
    • Added a new command, "/f region copyaccess". This will allow you to copy an entire regions access list to another region
    • Added a new perm to allow Factions to control who can enable friendly-fire
    • Fixed issues with the "redstone" permission. As a reminder, this will hide all redstone, redstone torches, comparators and repeaters from players without the permission; preventing your cannon designs from being completely jacked. If you change an online players permission, they will need to either leave the area and come back or relog to see/unsee the redstone
    Before (with permission):


    After (without permission):


    April 24th 2017
    • Fixed an issuing preventing enemies from setting home in land they have been granted the "userhome" permission

    April 23rd 2017
    • Added a new region bypass perm (defaults to leader and co-leader)
    • Fixed an issue causing redstone to sometimes not update for the client
    • Fixed an issue where oversized item entities would become "stuck" after being in unloaded chunk

    April 22nd 2017
    • Fixed an issue allowing active LMS players to spectate
    • Fixed an issue allowing active LMS players to join the Mob Arena
    • Kills or significant damage contributions will now reward LMS players with extra pearls
    • Increased the bounds for knocking players out of fly. Now requires players to be within 32 blocks on the x/z axis and within 64 blocks on the y
    • Fixed an issue causing cobwebs in cannons to be broken by sand with some cannon designs
    • Implemented a basic form of mob stacking. If a spawner was going to spawn 3 mobs, it will now spawn 1 that will drop 3x the loot

    April 21st 2017
    • Faction regions can now be used to create hopper item filters
    • Updated a few Faction region commands to make things more intuitive
    • Fixed an issue allowing Factions who were recently cannoned to use stacker (this was incorrectly checking for a core breach)
    • Fixed an issue with the GUI shop sometimes not returning items

    April 20th 2017
    • Disabled mcMMO skills in the LMS arena
    • Disabled some Faction upgrades for players in the LMS and duel arena worlds
    • The dead should should no longer see the actions of the living
    • Increased the size of capture zone of the Helipad KOTH to include the purple clay border
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to use /spectate to check if vanished players are online
    • Fixed another spectator issue
    • Added some checks to ensure that players cannot teleport outside of the world border
    • Increase the per-type mob limit

    April 19th 2017
    • Reduced the own territory shield to 5% (was 15%)
    • Patched the easter bunny

    April 18th 2017
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to freeze themselves with the /ah
    • Tweaked the potion drop rates from converted witch spawners. They should yield slightly more str/speeds and less of the others
    • Fixed an issue causing items in unloaded chunks to despawn faster than they should
    • Update the message displayed when toggling f stealth

    April 17th 2017
    • Players who are very close to an active KOTH now have their disguises removed
    • Fixed an issue that could potentially allow a capper to remain even when they are no longer in the cap zone
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to keep spectator mode (with very limited freedom) after spectating a duel
    • Players can now only use [item] once per message
    • Profane item names are now filtered by the chat filter
    • Fixed the message when on god apple cooldown not showing the correct time until you can next consume one
    • Fixed an issue where walking on pressure plates would show the god apple cooldown message

    April 16th 2017
    • Tightened up & optimised the anti-tracer stuff. Now even better at hiding players that are also sneaking
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to interact with beacons that they shouldn't be able to reach
    • Fixed an issue with the explosion damage reduction mcMMO perk
    • Added the mcMMO prestige 1 kit

    April 15th 2017
    • Naked players with the invisibility potion effect are now completely invisible to anyone more than 8 blocks away. This should fix the issue of some clients still rendering the nametags
    • Added measures to limit the effectiveness of player tracers / radars
    • Players now have access to /tps
    • Removed some legacy code which was preventing players from block hitting
    • New Factions now start with a balance of 300 tokens

    April 14th 2017
    • Entity viewing distances are now calculated as a cylinder centred around the entity. This makes things much more consistent when compared to vanilla handling
    • Added scoreboards to each MA arena (thanks 1092CQ)
    • Fixed an issue with /back locations not resetting after logging out
    • Cannon protection for new Factions is now removed at 300k value (previously 500k)
    • Slightly decreased the f wealth value given to armour / weapons

    April 13th 2017
    • Fixed an issue with the /mcmmo prestige command
    • Horses can now be damaged in Faction land and warzone
    • Sand/gravel will now drop on the cannon server as it can be useful for debugging
    • Enchanted armour/tools are now given /f wealth value based on their durability and enchantment levels
    • Players are now given a warning message when trying to PM a player who has messages toggled off
    • Added a new upgrade to increase the number of regions your Faction can create
    • Fixed the mob exp upgrade showing the wrong value after upgrading it
    • Fixed an issue with the easter bunny not spawning for some players

    April 12th 2017
    • Dangerous mobs have been spotted lurking in a cave outside the spawn north exit
    • Faction perms can now be toggled with clicks on the /f perm show view
    • Fixed an issue with teleports sometimes sending players to unintended locations
    • Fixed some issues with cancelling auctions in the GUI shop

    April 11th 2017
    • The villagers at the bar have restocked and got a fresh load of drinks on their menu
    • Added /focus. You can focus a player with /focus <name> or an entire faction with /focus f <name>. Your Faction will be notified of who was focused and the focused players will have their names turned to yellow. There is a perm to control who can use /focus. Run the command again to toggle focus
    • Added /1v1 ignore. This will hide all of the arena messages for matches that you were not in (persistent across reboots)
    • Decreased the /exit spam when spectating duel matches
    • Fixed an issue with the potion effect upgrade not always consuming the potion
    • Added the limited edition Easter crate. Available on the store, ingame lottery and as a lucky drop for killing any bunnies you may come across in the wild
    • Fixed an issue where the enderpearl cooldown would not trigger when throwing it at tripwire

    April 10th 2017
    • Fixed an issue where some main event KOTHs were incorrectly starting as regular ones
    • Fixed an issue where /nextkoth would only show the second KOTH of that day
    • The tab list is now ordered by members -> ally -> truce -> neutral -> enemy

    April 9th 2017
    • Players in combat can no longer redeem command infused items
    • Opened up a ravine near /north
    • Added /fix
    • The diabolical kit now grants 3 uses of /fix hand each time it is redeemed
    • Increased the two-factor session time to 2 weeks (was 1). This means that you will not need to re authenticate for two weeks so long as you use the same IP
    • Fixed an issue with the size of /f chest not immediately updating when upgrading it past 1 row

    April 8th 2017
    • Increased daily wealth points to 15k. With more Factions sharing the wealth and even more points available from KOTH/Supply drops, the old 10k limit didn't make much sense
    • Increased the points lost when your Faction core is hit to 40%. Hitting the core of most large Factions is going to be incredibly expensive and time consuming. We want the rewards to be worth it
    • /f particles can now be used to toggle between off, rank particles and leaderboard particles
    • The clickable faction map can now be toggled with /f cmap
    • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck in the duel arenas
    • Teleporting to a player who is currently flying will send you exactly to their position and not to the ground
    • Added support for /fix hand and /fix all. Uses for these will be available shorty

    April 7th 2017
    • Disguised players can no longer capture or hold a KOTH
    • The time required to capture a KOTH now decreases by 25% (over the original time) every hour. The goal with this is to try and encourage a winner for long KOTH's, without having to pick one in an unfair manner
    • Fixed performance issues with the Sponge plugin
    • Chickens spawned from eggs have had their brains removed
    • Disguises are no longer usable when within 15 blocks of a warzone supply drop
    • Items and fishing bobbers will no longer collide with tripwire

    April 6th 2017
    • Made changes to ensure the KOTH scoreboard counts down in 5's starting at the full cap time (avoids it counting down like 01:53, 01:48, 01:43 etc)
    • Moved the minor Wednesday KOTH forward two hours to try and avoid clashing with the main event
    • Replaced Diabolical disguise with Blaze. Minecraft clients forcefully tp all endermen clientside causing weird issues for those viewing players disguised as one
    • Added a new KOTH to fill the gap between Thursday and Friday

    April 5th 2017
    • /f global status will now persist across server reboots
    • The current Faction chat channel will now persist across server reboots
    • Faction titles will now be shown when in the Faction chat channel
    • Fixed an issue with regular creeper disguises showing as disguised creepers when hit
    • Added some more anti bot/macro measures
    • Factions performance improvements
    • Completely recoded the mcMMO booster plugin. Main benefit to players is that boosters will no longer vanish if the server decides to crash
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to use formatting in chat

    April 4th 2017
    • Added bedrock to the list of blocks that require the trusted permission to break
    • Improved the formatting of the /mail read command
    • Added the ability to delete a single mail by clicking on the sender of that mail
    • Added the ability to undelete a previously deleted mail by clicking on the undo button that shows after deleting a mail
    • Items with lore will no longer be sold when using /sell hand|all
    • Fixed an issue allowing gen buckets & mega water buckets to replace some blocks (only worked in land where the player had build access)
    • /auc ignore status will now persist across server reboots
    • Fixed an issue with links not being clickable

    April 3rd 2017
    • Fixed a performance issue caused by the growth upgrade
    • Fixed an issue where bedrock would occasionally be lost when broken
    • Performance improvements for the new clickable /f map
    • Added the ability for those without the "shop" perm to view the shop, but not buy
    • Changed KOTH to use realtime rather than ticks. This was causing some inconsistencies with capture time if the TPS was less than perfect

    April 2nd 2017
    • Updated the mcMMO milestone message formatting
    • Decreased KOTH scoreboard update rate to once every 5 seconds
    • Added [item]. Typing this in chat will showcase the current item in your hand
    • Added /msgtoggle. With this enabled, players not in your Faction cannot initiate a conversation with you
    • Disabled fall damage in all land where you have fly access (so long as you are not in combat)
    April 1st 2017
    • Zombies spawned from spawners can no longer spawn with weapons or armour
    • Fixed issues allowing players to break bedrock in the nether
    • Fixed an issue where claimed chunks outside the worldborder were counted for /f wealth
    • Increased the size of the capture zone for the Warzone KOTH
    • Fixed an issue with random keys from rank kits not being awarded

    Changes below are from Season 2 or before


    February 26th 2017
    • Fixed an issue with the anti xray causing base roofs of certain block types to be turned to stone (note this was only clientside)
    • Spawner mobs of the same type will now be stacked clientside to reduce lag. All of the mobs will still be there on the server so can be damaged through any means.

    February 4th 2017
    • Fixed an issue with hoppers and oversized item stacks
    • Dead players will no longer have particles displayed around them

    February 2nd 2017
    • Further reduced client lag caused by cannons. Probably at the best place it can be now without affecting how cannons "look" when firing

    February 1st 2017
    • Increased the maximum points available for a breach to 100,000

    January 31st 2017 - Client performance patch
    • All TNT / sand inside other TNT / sand will no longer be rendered on the client. This is similar to existing client mods but is now totally server side
    • Reduced the number of particle effects generated in large mob grinders
    • Reduced the number of particle effects generated in large cannons
    January 30th 2017
    • Added a global breach log available with /f breaches or /f breachlog
    • Added a random delay for the "faction x has breached faction y" messages in chat
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to pearl to out of bounds areas of the large glass duel arena

    January 28th 2017
    • Significantly reduced the server lag created by cannons; We can now fully support all sorts of crazy auto firing triangle cannons should the need arise in the future.

    January 23rd 2017
    • Fixed an issue with the 100 votes reward
    • Fixed an issue causing rank supply drops to not include keys as often as they should

    January 22nd 2017
    • Added Faction token prizes to the Incursion crate
    • LMS runners up are now sorted by kills and then elimination order rather than just elimination order

    January 21st 2017
    • Massively improved the speed of our GUI market

    January 20th 2017
    • Fixed an issue allowing falling blocks to linger for longer than intended

    January 16th 2017
    • Removed an area of water near the entrance of the futuristic city section of the PvP arena. This should improve playability
    • Widened a few of the paths in the futuristic city section of the PvP arena
    • Fixed a bug causing weird client behaviour for those on 1.7 clients during PvP
    • Increased the leaderboard points lost when breached to 25% (from 20%)
    • Increased the cap on leaderboard points lost to 50,000 (from 25,000)

    January 15th 2017
    • The dead can no longer mess with the living
    • Various performance imrovements
    • Moved the US proxy to another server (same DC so pings unaffected)

    January 14th 2017
    • Fixed issues with supply drops causing physics updates in the PvP arena
    • Denied players from using /stash in the LMS, 1v1, mob arena and mob boss worlds
    • A ton of major performance improvements
    • Fixed issues with 1.11 clients not seeing crates/keys as shiny
    • Fixed issues with 1.11 clients not being able to see the /auth map
    • Fixed issues with scheduled supply drops sometimes landing on unreachable blocks

    January 13th 2017
    • Removed a duel arena from rotation (the one with the bridge)
    • Arrows will now ignore barrier blocks for more intuitive PvP in the duel arenas and PvP arena
    • Enabled the "City" KOTH in the new PvP arena

    January 11th 2017
    • Added a brand new PvP arena
    • Changed up some of the warzone/pvp arena supply drops

    January 10th 2017
    • Fixed an issue causing cobwebs to not be broken by cannoned sand under certain circumstances

    January 9th 2017
    • Fixed some lag issues
    • Creeper eggs can now be placed on spawners
    • Everything except players will now be affected by the knockback enchantment

    January 8th 2017
    • Fixed issues with the gen bucket looking for sponges at the incorrect Y levels
    • Added three new crates: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald; These crates do not require keys to open
    • Removed most of the junk prizes from the key crates - They will also be getting lots of new prizes in the future

    January 7th 2017
    • Increased the cap on raidable points to 25,000; This amount makes more sense now that Factions are earning more points from /f wealth
    • Improved player packet handling. This should result in smoother and more consistent player movement

    January 6th 2017
    • Made improvements to the responsiveness of enderpearls
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to set the core chunk above the nether

    January 5th 2017
    • Player's in the PvP arena will have any jump boost potion effect removed

    January 3rd 2017
    • Increased the number of daily points available for /f wealth to 10,000 (from 5,000)

    Changes made since Season 2 start

    • Added a new custom lottery plugin
    • Commands can be accessed with /lotto
    • Lottery is drawn every 6 hours with a cool on-screen display
    • Lottery jackpot is reset to $500,000 after being won
    Gen Buckets
    • Genning tasks will now continue after a server reboot
    • Increased performance massively
    • Improved the performance of the Faction leaderboard particles
    • Fixed an issue where breaching a Faction would cause them to lose all of their leaderboard points
    • Factions will no longer gain points or tokens from supply drops if they have captured more than 12 in a 24 hour period
    • Players with the "upgrade" permission can now see the upgrade GUI but not purchase upgrades
    • The spawner information on mouseover (/f wealth) are now sorted in descending order based on total value
    • Added a new permission "regions" which gives access to region commands
    • Flags are now hidden on /f show
    • Messages showing when players come online / go offline are now shown to truces and allies
    • Fixed a few Faction permission issues allowing players to do naughty things
    • Added emerald particles for those in /f override
    Duel Arena
    • Fixed issues with /spectate
    • Various command and message changes
    • Added a tab-complete to the /spectate command. Will offer all players in the duel arena world
    Global Market
    • Added /ah ss (will bring up the server shop listing of the item in your hand)
    • Added a confirmation screen when clicking on the "buy all" button
    • Added a captcha check when selling lots of items on the market
    • Improved the search logic
    • Made cactus entities stack to 3,456 per entity
    • Cactus entities no longer die when hitting a cactus block (your client will show them vanishing but they are still there, promise!)
    • Mining drills and excavator shovels will now break all blocks of their given use rather than checking for type/dura
    • Added random drops to mining diamond, emerald, lapis and redstone (spawners, keys, cash)
    • Coupons now instruct players to open a new ticket rather than PM Bestle
    • Added freecam protection when using creeper eggs
    • Added compatibility for up to 1.11.2 clients
    • Improved the performance of mob spawners
    • Added a new support ticket system to the forums
    • Added an autoban for some PvP cheats

    15th November
    • Updated the server to support 1.11

    29th October 2016

    28th October 2016
    • Regen chests from Warzone/PvP arena supply drops will now contain regen extended rather than regen II's
    • Witches from converted spawners will now drop regen extended rather than regen II's

    25th October 2016
    • Significantly cut down on the number of micro lag spikes by making optimisation changes to a few different plugins. From 200 micro lag spikes per hour to about 30
    • Added /ping

    24th October 2016
    • Minor text changes to rank supply drops

    23rd October 2016
    • Cactus will no longer destroy items if it is not in a Faction's claimed land

    22nd October 2016
    • "PLAY.VAELOX.COM" will now be shown every 3 minutes at the top of each player's screen
    • Trapped and ender chests are now covered by the trusted perm
    • Faction leaders will now be able to give others access to perm management

    21st October 2016
    • Added a message showing the top Faction mcMMO xp leaders at the time of point distribution
    • The number of KOTH captures a player has for their current Faction will now be shown on /f stats
    • The number of KOTH captures a Faction has will now be shown on /f show
    • Added a /warp end as a better warp point for the KOTH
    • Added a new f perm "stacker". Players with this permission can use stacker in your land (so long as they can also build their normally)
    • Added a new command "/koth winners". Will show who won previous KOTH events and when.

    20th October 2016
    • Added /stacker sneak. When toggled on, this will allow players to use stacker even when they are not sneaking
    • Reduced the frequency of KOTH Defender spawns at all cap sites
    • Player's in the 1v1 queue will no longer be able to open chests

    19th October 2016
    • The stacker will now auto disable 2 minutes after you last placed blocks with it
    • You can now use stacker without sneaking, simply toggle /stacker sneak

    18th October 2016
    • Added a new /stacker plugin. This will allow you to place blocks all the way from bedrock to sky with a single click
    • Type /stacker info to see information about your stacker settings
    • Stacker is only active if you have it enabled and are sneaking
    • Will be very useful for repairing walls wrecked by cannons
    17th October 2016
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to teleport out of combat by using /f hom or /f ho

    16th October 2016
    • Players are now able to /suicide in combat
    • Fixed an issue preventing the health above player's heads not updating near KOTHs
    • Removed the Killer Clown in favour of his more friendly relatives
    • Removed bonuses from the knockback enchant at all KOTHs
    • Fixed an issue with the KOTH sometimes not automatically giving out the prizes
    • Made the KOTH bots easier to kill
    • Added drops to the KOTH bots - They can drop armour, money and keys

    15th October 2016
    • Disabled the knockback enchant when players are near to the End and Warzone KOTHs
    • The end of duel messages now include the duration of the fight
    • Non Faction members will have their names hidden near an active KOTH capture zone

    14th October 2016
    • Items renamed by players will show their actual type in the announcement when listed on /market
    • Fixed an issue allowing hoppers to pull items from rank protected chests
    • Teleporting to the end via the portal will need send players to random locations throughout the end

    13th October 2016
    • Fixed a few areas in the PvP arena where players could reach unintended locations
    • TNT Minecarts will no longer be able to enter warzone claims

    11th October 2016
    • The majority of KOTH related messages will now only broadcast to players nearby the capture zone. Everyone else should be able to work out what is going on from the scoreboard alone
    • Made further improvements to splash potions. This includes changes to both the general responsiveness and 'hit registration'
    • Improved the speed in certain parts of /market
    • All timed permissions from rank supply drops now last for an extra 6 hours. Should allow most players to call in their next one without them ever expiring

    10th October 2016
    • Fixed issues with the automatic KOTH prize distribution
    • Fixed issues causing Wilderness to be awarded 2,500 points instead of the KOTH capper's Faction
    • Updated the formatting of the supply drop contents message
    • Added a check to force players to disable flight before playing the arena. This should help prevent players falling to their death and dying after the arena ends

    9th October 2016

    8th October 2016
    • Fixed issues allowing players to remove some menu items from /market
    • Significantly improved the chances of fishing up a rare item

    7th October 2016
    • Fixed some issues with newer clients not being able to walk over water lilies

    6th October 2016
    • Added a new drop party arena. This can be accessed at any time by typing /dropparty
    • The command to see upcoming drop parties has been changed to /nextparty
    • Removed insta health pots from the UHC /1v1 kit
    • Added unbreaking II to the UHC kit fishing rod
    • Added measures to ensure that players who login earlier won't always have priority on picking up items
    • Added a new 'Spawner Madness' drop party to the store
    • Lucky votes can now trigger drop parties

    4th October 2016
    • Added three new arenas to the 1v1 rotation. Thanks to Farming, Pancake27 and Iron_Cake.
    • Selling items to the server shop using /market will now be properly tracked on /f stats
    • Removed the debuff 1v1 ladder
    • Added a brand new soup PvP ladder. Basic armour and instant soup!
    • Revamped the knockback system - Should be more reliable and accurate than ever before
    • Fixed issues that would cause players to sometimes "rubber-band" during PvP
    • Added /vfilter. Available to all players and allows you to stop your player from picking up certain items (like glass bottles for example)

    3rd October 2016
    • Added two new arenas to the 1v1 rotation. Will be removing some of the less popular ones soon. Thanks Raid and _P_h_h_a_a_t_t_
    • Reduced bow knockback globally
    • Made some tweaks to reduce rubber banding when being knocked back a lot - We will continue to work on knockback into the majority are happy
    • Made changes to /pay messages to stop player's being able to use it as a spam tool

    1st October 2016
    • Added witch spawner converters to /market. This will make witches from a converted spawner drop splash health II's, speed II 4 min, str II 4 min, regen extended and fire resistance extended potions only

    30th September 2016
    • The expiry message for temporary permissions will now be shown to players when they next login if their access expired whilst they were offline
    • Added food to the UHC kit

    Changes since the launch of Season 1 and before September 30th
    • Slimes will no longer spawn inside blocks when spawned from spawners
    • Fixed issues with players not receiving a damage cooldown under certain circumstances
    • Added clickable messages in chat when a player lists a new item on /market. This will take you straight to their listings
    • Added a chance to receive a crate key for all rank supply drop events (ranging from 5% with Veteran to 35% with Infamous)
    • Added new commands to Champion and above supply drop events. These include /feed, /echest, /anvil and more
    • Players who have banned accounts linked to their IP will no longer be able to participate in ranked /1v1's - Contact us if you are using a VPN or something and the accounts do not belong to you
    • Added a clickable YouTuber tag - Clicking on the tag will take you to the YouTuber's channel
    • Added a 1v1 ranking chat prefix. You can mouseover this message to see more information
    • Fixed issues with /f mcmmo not tracking player's with capped skills
    • Added a package on the store to instantly refresh /nick and /chatcolour cooldowns
    • Improved the response rate of splash potions. They will give you health much faster than other servers (ignoring ping)
    • Added new rare prizes to crates. These include $1m cash, $25 store coupons, slime spawners and more!
    • Removed various junk prizes from crates - This will give a general increase in the chances of receiving a rarer prize
    • Changes various 1v1 arenas to be more PvP friendly. Removed cobwebs and enderpearl hiding spots
    • Fixed issues with the enderpearl cooldown triggering without actually throwing a pearl
    • Added creeper and zombie pigman spawner converters to /market. These will make creepers drop TNT and zombie pigmen drop gold ingots
    • Buffed the chances of receiving a rare prize from fishing
    • Increased the number of crates a player can get per week from 3 to 5. You will need to spend slightly more time online to receive your full allocation
    • Fixed issues allowing players to smuggle items out of the 1v1 arena
    • Increased the chances of getting a key instead of a crate from the weekly drops
    • Made buying mutliple stacks of the same type from the /market server shop much easier
    • All rank kit cooldowns are now 48 hours instead of 3.5 days

    August 1st 2016
    • Replaced /gc or /lag with /tps

    July 29th 2016
    • Fixed issues where a Faction could have over the set limit of truces / allies by using a certain combination of relationship commands
    • Fixed issues with the health above players sometimes showing as 0
    • The Trusted perm is no longer granted to members by default
    • Fixed an issue where Mob Arena bosses were dropping rare loot

    July 27th 2016
    • Fixed an edge-case issue where a player would be completely invisible to others

    July 26th 2016
    • Named mobs now have a revamped drop table - Will be a great option for players looking to earn money solo
    • Drops from named mobs are now announced in chat
    • Reduced the health of EULAEnforcer and B-Dao by 25%
    • Reduced health of Lrac and Zax by 50%

    July 24th 2016
    • Remodeled the Pyramid KOTH
    • Increased God Apple cooldown to 2 minutes 30 seconds
    • Fixed an exploit where a hacked client could display the quantity of an item a player is holding (this was being used to see how many god apples a player had left as an example)
    • Fixed an exploit where a hacked client could display the durability of the armour another player is wearing
    • Fixed an exploit where a hacked client could display the enchantments of the armour and item in hand of another player
    • Fixed an exploit where a hacked client could display the ping of another player
    • Pistons with an extended (but missing) extension are now treated as full blocks for TNT / sand
    July 23rd 2016
    • Added /f friendlyfire
    • Added the possibility to fish command infused items with $25,000 or $75,000
    • Removed some cobwebs from the nether area of the PvP arena
    • Fixed a hole that lead to lava in the nether area of the PvP arena
    • /logout can now be used even when authentication is required
    July 22nd 2016
    • All KOTH messages will now colour the players names based on your Faction relationship with them
    • The names on the scoreboard will now be coloured based on your Faction relationship with them
    • The timer colour when the hill is contested has been changed from red to yellow

    July 21st 2016
    • Tweaked knockback again - has been slightly increased across the board (but still less than vanilla)
    • King of the Hill will now remember previous capture times and allow players to successfully capture the hill over several smaller capture times
    • King of the Hill will now be in a contested state if a player is inside the capture zone who is not in the same Faction as the capper. When the hill is contested the timer is frozen
    • The capture time on the King of the Hill scoreboard will now be shown in red when the hill is contested
    • The King of the Hill scoreboard now includes information about the current leader. This is the player with the lowest capture time remaining in order to win
    • At the end of a King of the Hill, the runners-up with the lowest capture times remaining will be displayed. The top 5 runners-up will receive a prize of ingame money
    • The King of the Hill scoreboard can now be toggled by typing /koth scoreboard

    July 18th 2016
    • Covered all lava in the PvP arena with coloured glass
    • Improved performance in certain areas significantly
    • Decreased the knockback from bows globally. This includes regular, punch and punch II
    • Made teleport locations more strict
    • Fixed some cases of mobs despawning prematurely in grinders

    July 15th 2016
    • Players who need to authenticate are now permitted to move downwards. Will prevent players being kicked for flying before they can enter their code

    July 14th 2016
    • Added barrier block walls inside the Pyramid KOTH to prevent the possibility of being knocked out on two sides
    • Increased the capture zone height of the Pyramid KOTH
    • Fixed issues with some Forge client versions being unable to connect to the server
    • Reduced knockback globally
    • Fixed issues with 1.7 clients being rubber-banded sometimes when running on carpets

    July 13th 2016
    • The KOTH plugin is now fully functional
    • Knockback on the capper has been re enabled
    • Knockback for all players near the KOTH has been reduced (not disabled)
    • Fixed issues with /f top not sorting correctly on categories other than total
    • Fixed an issue where a player would lose control of a KOTH "randomly"

    July 10th 2016
    • Added new possible supply drops
      • 1 x Blaze Spawner
      • 1 x Enderman Spawner
      • 1 x Creeper Spawner
      • 1 x Zombie Pigman Spawner
      • 1 x $10 store coupon

    July 7th 2016
    • Added an EU proxy

    July 3rd 2016

    July 2nd 2016
    • You can now right-click obsidian/enchant tables/enderchests with a potato to check the current durability
    • Fixed issues with invisible chests on version 1.10.2
    • Launched the cannon server. You can join by typing /cannon and can get back to Factions by typing /factions

    June 30th 2016
    • Disabled friendly fire in warzone areas
    • Fixed enderpearling into areas of water being cancelled
    June 28th 2016
    • Capped the maximum xp boost for an mcMMO skill to 500%
    • Disabled TNT knockback
    • Fixed a few phasing edge cases

    June 27th 2016
    • Fixed issues with glitching eating / potion drinking when using enderpearls
    • Catching a fishing prize will now announce in chat
    • Chance of getting a prize from fishing now scales with mcMMO level. 1000 fishing is twice as lucky as 0 fishing.
    • Updated fishing prize list
      • Set of protection 4
      • Crate keys
      • Crates
      • Mob Spawners

    June 26th 2016
    • Increased the damage received when a player gets outside the border
    • Hopper changes
    • Faction members will no longer knock each other out of fly, regardless of permissions
    • Fixed issues with PvP arena supply drops sometimes being out of reach
    • Various shop price tweaks and added a secondary enderpearl sell sign
    • Fixed issues with getting in boats under certain circumstances
    • Fixed issues with staffs not allowing casts when a player had exactly the required number of levels

    June 25th 2016
    • Updated the format of /f top again
    • /f top can now be sorted by total/blocks/containers/spawners
    • Fixed issues with combatloggers not being respected by Faction relationships
    • Various performance improvements
    • Improved teleporting logic to reduce instances of getting stuck inside a block after a teleport
    • Reduced the gunpowder buy pricing
    • Fixed the large hourly lag spikes, woo!

    June 24th 2016
    • Decreased the tag timer to 25
    • Increased Faction max power cap to 2500
    • All store purchases now include access to /auth
    • Enemies now override the trusted permission and can therefore use /tpahere and /tpaccept in enemy land
    • Split up f top into /f top and /f topgui
    • Update /f top to now show when it was last updated and also changed the information it shows
    • Warzone drops can now occur in both the PvP arena and spawn warzone

    June 22nd 2016
    • Players can no longer drop items in the shop world
    • Added kill/death messages for Faction members. You can mouseover the item name to see enchants etc
    • Added limits to redstone/piston activity
    • Unbreaking has been buffed and will offer increased armor durability at all levels
    • Recruits can now access containers. Attach a sign to a chest with the minimum rank required to open it to "lock" it.
    • Updated Auction timings

    June 21st 2016
    • Changed auction message colour
    • Player names should no longer be filtered by the chat filter even if they are considered 'bad'
    • Items should no longer lose their enchants client-side on 1.7 clients when combat-tagged
    • Added a potion shop /warp potionshop or /potions, thanks @Barney
    • More changes to mob arenas, generally decreased boss health across the board and buffed the regular waves slightly

    June 20th 2016
    • Revamped mob arena prizes and bosses for the iron and stone arenas. Iron will offer spawners if you get past wave 40.
    • The officer chests have been fixed and you can now lock chests based on rank by placing a sign on the chest with the name of the minimum required rank to open it

    June 19th 2016
    • Fixed an issue with redstone ticking out of order
    • Upgraded the CAPTCHA

    June 18th 2016
    • Portals should no longer be able to break bedrock
    • Added "pick block" functionality to 1.9+ clients in survival
    • Changed enderman to wither skeletons in the mob arena whilst we investigate their tendency to teleport
    • Handled more cases where a player could use enderpearls to glitch into bases built on the worldborder
    • Added required criteria to the mob arena to obtain prizes

    June 16th 2016
    • Right clicking a chest with a command infused item in your hand will no longer redeem the item
    • Fixed issues with most items showing as "invalid item" in auctions on 1.7 clients

    June 15th 2016
    • Fixed issues with the colour of nametags sometimes being incorrect
    • Added breaking obsidian to the perm trusted
    • Added the ability to sort /f status by balances using /f status <factionname> money
    • Upgraded the speed and strength potions from the warzone supply drops to be 4 minute tier II
    • Added support for the 1.7 depth strider Forge mod
    • Fixed issues with some potions on newer (1.9+) clients showing up as water bottles
    • Friendly fire in the /pvp world has been disabled
    • Reduced teleport timer to 5 seconds
    • Buffed the chances of receiving crates & keys from fishing
    • Changed all of the named mobs to something new and fixed the behaviour
    • Added a new named mob dungeon inside spawn warzone (entrance is at -220, 73, 182; exit spawn and then head right)
    • Buffed the chance of receiving crates and keys from named mobs
    • Increased the delay of the /f motd so players can actually see it after logging in

    June 14th 2016
    • /f status will now show player balances if you are in that Faction
    • Added /homeboost. This will show your current amount of bonus homes (this is added to the base of 3)
    • All ranks now receive a single use kit with a flare to call in a home boost supply drop (amount of homes depends on your rank)
    • Players will now be able to /back to anywhere, however this location will reset on death or relogging
    • Removed "damn" and "damnit" from the swear filter.
    • Fixed issues with wall genning sometimes screwing up
    • Added online / offline notifications for Faction members

    June 13th 2016
    • Players will now be able to use /f access
    • The mining drill will now consider stone and sandstone to be of the same type
    • The Excavator will now consider dirt and grass to be of the same type
    • mcMMO ability tools can no longer be auctioned
    • Added staffs! Can be crafted with sticks and potions
    • Items with over 50% durability damage can no longer be auctioned
    • Placing the items outside the border with schematic has been disabled
    • Fixed issues with the /warzone warp not sending to a random location
    • Fixed issues with non-warp teleports into the warzone being sent to a random location

    June 12th 2016
    • Mining drills now work with cobblestone
    • The effects from mining drill and the excavator can be temporarily disabled by sneaking
    • Added some new junk items to the "Make It Rain" drop party
    • Added options to use /f invite <name> and /f deinvite <name>
    • Improved /f show to also show relations with a mouse click
    • Changed f top values to the ones shown at
    • Warzone supply drops are now hourly
    • Fixed issues with teleports into warzone being sent a random location when not using /warzone
    • Increased the CAPTCHA thresholds, you should receive them less often now
    • Fixed issues with clicking on the relationships of /f show wilderness
    • Stopped TNT minecarts from exploding until the cannon ban is lifted next week
    • Added the Harvester Hoe (green terra will now offer a chance of triple drops instead)
    • Removed the new invite commands completely. Must now use /f invite <name> /f deinvite <name> and /f showinvites
    • Fixed issues with shooting bows on 1.7
    • 1092CQ will no longer be lying to players at the newbie spawn area
    • Updated the list of possible warzone supply drops
      • Drop 1: Sharpness 5 fire aspect 2 sword, power 5 flame 1 bow
      • Drop 2: Set of protection 4 unbreaking 3 diamond armour
      • Drop 3: 2 max enchant fishing rods
      • Drop 4: Lots & lots of potions
      • Drop 5: 2 looting 3 books
      • Drop 6: 4 unbreaking 3 books
      • Drop 7: 32 diamonds and 10 iron blocks
      • Drop 8: Set of protection 4 iron armour
      • Drop 9: 2 protection 4 books
      • Drop 10: 1 sharpness 5 book, 1 sharpness 4 book, 1 looting 3 book, 2 unbreaking 3 books
      • Drop 11: Command infused item with 10,000 xp
      • Drop 12: 2 hoppers
      • Drop 13: Command infused item with $50,000
      • Drop 14: Auric crate key
      • Drop 15: Bastion crate key
      • Drop 16: Hellion crate key
      • Drop 17: Polarity crate key
      • Drop 18: Blitz crate key
      • Drop 19: Mining Drill
      • Drop 20: The Excavator
      • Drop 21: 2 unbreaking 3 books
      • Drop 22: Command infused item with 5,000 xp
      • Drop 23: 1 pig spawner
      • Drop 24: 1 cow spawner

    June 11th 2016
    • Reduced cases of players taking fall damage after exiting fly
    • Reduced cases of players taking fall damage when relogging if they were previously flying
    • Unclaimed chunks outside the worldborder will now show up as black hyphens
    • Added /f stealth. If you have this turned on, your presence will not knock people out of fly
    • Fixed issues with antixray
    • Added /blockupdate. Use when next to stuck lava or water to get it flowing again
    • Fixed issues with newer 1.8+ doors not showing to 1.7 clients
    • Players can now dry all sponges in their inventory with /dry or /drysponges
    • Added the Mining Drill and The Excavator to the shop
    • Added enderchests to /casino
    • Allowed claiming nearby other Factions in the nether (note: buffer rules are still in place)
    • Fixed some chat issues with messages arriving out of order or not at all
    • Removed /b
    • Change /kit weekly to /kit biweekly (you can now get your kits twice as often) Note: The money/mcmmo/xp have been halved with this change but the other contents of the supply drop have not been changed.

    ======== BELOW HERE IS PRE RELAUNCH ========

    April 30th 2016
    • Fixed issues with tab-completing on /f show
    • Some exciting stuff coming soon...

    April 25th 2016
    • Added a rate limit to levers

    April 22nd 2016
    • The Auctions plugin will now correctly recognize potions brewed using mcMMO alchemy
    • The Auctions default and minimum bid increments have been reduced to $250
    • The Auctions minimum start price has been decreased to $500

    April 21st 2016
    • Fixed issues with incorrect relationship colours being shown on kill messages
    • Fixed issues where players were being sent to spawn rather than either their f home or Warzone when they were moved for being logged out in someone else's territory for more than two hours
    • Fixed problems with the back/forward buttons on the /f rel list command running the wrong commands
    • /f show will now support tab-complete for online player names
    • You can now use /f show <name> p/player force a lookup using a player name. Useful if a Faction and a player share a name.

    April 19th 2016
    • Fixed issues with enderpearls not appearing in the inventory if their use was cancelled
    • Self-inflicted damage (such as enderpearls or a rogue fishing rod) will no longer trigger the territory shield
    • Nerfed wheat sell prices
    • Slightly buffed enderpearl sell prices
    • Given player’s access to //calc (happy now Lepax? :D)
    • Added Faction relationship based nametags above player’s heads. The name you see above another player’s head will now be coloured based on their relationship with you. Green = Faction member, White = Neutral, Red = Enemy, Purple = Ally, Pink = Truce
    • Added Faction relationship based colours to the player names show in the tab list (same colour system as described above)
    • Added mcMMO party indicators above player’s heads. If you are in the same party as another player their name will be surrounded by light-blue brackets

    April 17th 2016
    • Added chat messages in chat to show the locations of the spawn portals after teleporting to /warzone. It will also indicate which one is closest to your current position.
    • Slightly buffed "Big G". He now has more health and fire aspect on his sword
    • Buffed the crate key drop chances of "Hornet" and "Animal" by 25%
    • Added a 15 second cooldown on /pay commands to prevent spamming
    • Added the alias /wb for /workbench

    April 15th 2016
    • The Warzone supply drops will now be defended by “Big G” and up to three other mobs
    • “Big G” is a new named boss who has 5x better drop rates for both crates and keys
    • The Warzone supply drop will be locked for a period of 15 seconds after being dropped
    • Fixed issues with players not being put into limbo mode if their combat logger is killed by another player
    • Reduced the price of the armour set 1 supply drop on the store to $10
    • Increased the enderpearl cooldown to 10 seconds
    • The enderpearl cooldown message will now say exactly when you can use another pearl
    • Implemented the Building Set 1 supply drop as suggested by The1Spartan
    • Implemented the PvE Set 1 supply drop as suggested by Jelkan
    • Added /nextdrop which will show how long there is until the next Warzone supply drop

    April 14th 2016
    • Changed chat filter API, will now allow us more flexibility to whitelist words and phrases which we consider “tame”
    • Added a third chat filter mode which will star out profanity in chat, but allow you to mouseover the message to see the uncensored version. You can toggle between all modes by typing /chatfilter
    • Added scheduled supply drops to the warzone in spawn. These will drop every 2 hours with a 5 minute warning in chat. You can mouseover the chat message to see their exact location. Loot varies from enchanted books, to potions and even max enchanted gear.

    April 13th 2016
    • A deathban will only trigger if you have been recently attacked by a player. DTR loss will always happen regardless of how you died
    • Players will no longer be able to pay multiple players with a single command
    • Fixed issues with DTR loss not applying under certain circumstances

    April 12th 2016
    • The invisibility potion effect will be removed from any player inside Vaelox owned land
    • Added a waterfall to a warzone ravine to provide another exit
    • Fixed tab-complete issues for some staff commands
    • The health above player’s heads will now always be visible even when the mcMMO scoreboard is up (or any other scoreboard for that matter)
    • Messages will now be shown to players when they die for the first time explaining deathbans
    • Added a stone sword buy sign to the animal pen at spawn
    • Added two disposal bins to the animal pen at spawn
    • A message will now be shown to players upon login if they have any active mcMMO boosters. It will also include the command to run to see what they are
    • A Faction’s location will now be visible on /f show when the Faction is older than 5 days. The location will be based on which world the Faction has the most claims in and will default to the overworld if the Faction has equal claims in each world
    • Upped the natural mob spawn rate - Good luck out there!
    • Added a hologram at the spawn warzone dropdown to advise players to use the wilderness portal
    • Combat tag time increased to 25 seconds

    April 11th 2016
    • Made changes to strength to reduce damage to armour
    • Fixed issues where chunks would update slowly under certain circumstances
    • Items can now be repaired over and over using an anvil with the cost cap being 39
    • Significantly buffed mcMMO repair (reduced chance of both losing and downgrading enchants)
    • Fixed issues with fishing hooks disappearing every now and again
    • Player’s will now be given a single free respawn. This aims to give new players a chance to get familiar with our game mechanics
    • The names shown in chat when a PvP kill occurs will now be coloured based on your relationship with that player
    • Fixed issues with the kills in a PvP kill message being off by one
    • Fixed issues with the kills in a PvP kill message sometimes showing as zero when in fact the player has a lot more kills
    • Reduced instances where ghost blocks would appear after an mcMMO skill had ended
    • Added a header and footer to the tab list

    April 10th 2016
    • Backpacks will no longer be usable when a player is tagged as in combat
    • Opened up the back of the PirateShip King of the Hill to allow another route into the capture zone
    • Added a 5 minute cooldown between creating Auctions to prevent a single player spamming them
    • Using a fishing rod with the enchantment "luck" whilst fishing will now award bonus enchanting experience
    • Using a pickaxe with the enchantment "fortune" whilst mining will now award bonus enchanting experience
    • Players will now be able to catch crates when fishing (rare) or keys (ultra rare)
    • PvP kills will now be shown in chat as well as the amount of PvP kills players have
    • Signatures on the forums will now be cropped to a maximum height of 200px
    • Buying any rank on the store will pardon your account if it is in limbo

    April 9th 2016
    • Fixed issues with CombatTag causing players to get higher than 20 health permanently
    • Slightly nerfed the drop rates of iron ingots from excavation
    • Fixed areas in the warzone at spawn giving accelerated food regeneration

    April 8th 2016
    • Given players access to /seen. This will let you check when a player was last online
    • Given players access to /rules. This will give a summary of the rules with a link to the full rules
    • A Faction’s max land will now be visible on /f show
    • If you reach a milestone mcMMO level (every 100 levels) your achievements will be announced ingame
    • Fixed issues with washing books ignoring certain enchantments
    • Players will no longer be able to bid on Auctions whilst in any Vaelox owned land
    • Players will no longer be able to bid on Auctions whilst in spectator mode
    • Enchantments can now be removed from items by using /disenchant. You can use tab-complete to cycle through the enchantments found on the item. This costs $5,000 per enchantment removal. Will not work with books as these should be washed in a cauldron and converted to xp instead

    Late April 7th 2016 (Enchanting changes)
    • Washing enchanted books will now give a ton more experience. More xp will be given for books containing higher level enchantments
    • Third slot in enchantment table will now always offer the maximum for the amount of bookcases
    • We have put up a page at that will let you simulate enchanting. This should give you an idea of the optimal level to achieve your desired enchant on an item
    • Given players access to /seen. This will let you check when a player was last online
    • Given players access to /rules. This will give a summary of the rules with a link to the full rules

    April 7th 2016
    • All ranks Hero and above now have access to /backpack. The number of rows increases by 1 for each rank
    • Fixed a permission issue causing Citizens to have the same number of homes as Veterans. Homes will not reset but you will need to abide by the new limit (a reduction of one) to set a new home.
    • Fixed issues where Factions could claim next to other Factions if they were allied
    • Fixed issues stopping Factions from claiming next to the Vaelox owned land
    • Fixed issues where any key could open any crate
    • Factions with more land than they are allowed will now lose DTR at a rate of 0.01 per minute until they unclaim land or get more players in the Faction
    • Players will now be able to wash enchanted books in a cauldron of water to remove the enchants from the book. This will return some xp to the player based on the enchants the book contains. Great for low level books or books with rubbish enchants.
    • Increased max enchant level to 50, this will require 30 bookcases. This gives players the opportunity to gain better enchantments
    • Enchantments can now be rerandomized by removing and putting an item back in the table. This will give players more flexibility when it comes to deciding how many levels they want to spend on a certain item
    • Issues with enchanting fishing rods have now been resolved
    • Disabled diminishing returns for mcMMO xp gain. This wasn’t working as intended and was just annoying for players
    • Slightly increased the xp required to level mcMMO at the higher levels
    • Improved growth rates for some types of crops
    • Players in spectator mode will no longer trigger crop growth
    • Fixed issues causing DTR to not update under certain circumstances

    April 6th 2016
    • Enabled /back for Hero rank and above. Can only be used to return to land owned by your own Faction
    • More blocks are now considered as full blocks for sand/tnt (such as torches and signs)
    • Players will no longer be able to bid on farmable and mob drops whilst they are inside a safe-zone
    • Added limits to /f titles. Titles can no longer contain special formatting and the length must not exceed 16 characters (excluding color codes) If a title exists that breaks the new rules it will be reset.
    • Players will now be sent a warning if they fall for the “take my money away by typing /pay EvilPlayer -10000” scam
    • Made the signs at the top killers leaderboard easier to read
    • Players will no longer be able to use the reset formatting code
    • Players can now use the Buycraft /buy inventory whilst deathbanned
    • The dragon eggs in the spawn statue have been cemented in place and will no longer go on adventures when right-clicked
    • All players now have access to /pweather. This will allow you to change the weather on your client. Valid options are sun, clear, storm and thunder.
    • Increased max DTR for a Faction to 7
    • DTR loss has been decreased to 0.5 per death in the /pvp world.
    • Players will no longer be able to leave Factions when the Faction is frozen
    • Added a 10 second cooldown to all /f money commands
    • /f rel list will now show neutrals/allys/truces if no relationship is specified iinstead of enemies/allys/truces
    • Fixed a spacing issue in the lore of crate keys
    • Fixed an issue where attributes on items would not stack. This only applies to newly distributed items so if you believe you have a broken one, please contact a member of staff
    • Added a message to show the amount required to start an auction if a player does not have that amount
    • Increased the max salvage amount from 33% to 75%. This percentage is only possible once you reach 1000 salvage
    • Enderpearl cooldown increased to 5 seconds
    • The /f top GUI will now properly paginate
    • Fixed Faction map occasionally messing up and showing dodgy characters causing the map to not be aligned properly

    April 5th 2016
    • You can once again set homes in the wilderness. If the location of a home is later claimed by another Faction it will be deleted but you will be informed once of where it was.
    • DTR will now only regen if the Faction has online players who are not currently in limbo
    • DTR will now regenerate at a fixed rate of 0.05 per minute
    • DTR freeze time has been increased to 30 minutes
    • /f pardon without any arguments will now show the number of pardons you have remaining
    • Players will now have a permanent speed boost if they are in an area with pvp disabled
    • Added further protection for phasing through blocks. Should be much more difficult (hopefully impossible) to phase through doors/trapdoors now
    • Staff can now use the adminchat command whilst in combat
    • Updated the lore on crates / keys. Ones with the old lore will still work fine
    • Fixes for attributes getting stuck on a player
    • Armor pieces held in the hand will no longer give the attributes - They must be worn
    • Changes to growth rate
    • Made server messages more obvious in chat

    April 4th 2016
    • Reduced client lag when there are large amounts of flowing/draining water or lava
    • Taken measures to reduce instances of players getting stuck in blocks or being killed after teleporting. Please post a bug report if this problem persists for you with as many details as possible
    • Players will no longer be able to mount other players whilst they are in limbo
    • Fixed bug where homes were allowed to be set in places other than your own Faction land. Remember you can always use the Nether to travel across the map more quickly
    • Fixed issues where players could interact when in spectator
    • Removed Factions from /baltop
    • /f home will now be ran through the same teleport logic as Essential’s homes. This means no more teleport cancelling when clicking in your inventory and no ugly message
    • Fixed an area in /pvp where named bosses were spawning in area inaccessible by players
    • Mobs will now drop bonus experience if you kill them whilst holding a sword with the looting enchantment. Looting 1: 2xp, Looting 2: 4xp, Looting 3: 8xp
    • Restored access to /mcrank to show your rank amongst others on mcmmo skills
    • Added some colour to Faction chat to make it easier to see at a glance which channel each message is from
    • Increased the playtime required for players to receive their weekly quota of crates/keys
    • Added a 5 minute cooldown to /suicide to prevent players using it to spam chat
    • Fixed issues with some warzone regions near spawn not allowing PvP / splash potions

    April 3rd 2016

    • Villagers have gone on strike and will no longer be interested in trading with players (except the ones in spawn, they will always be happy to serve you a drink!)
    • Solved issues with sand getting stuck in claimed land
    • Getting temp banned for moving through blocks will now send you to your f home or a random location in warzone if one isn’t set, rather than spawn
    • A player upgrading to any rank from citizen will have their /kit weekly timer reset. This will not reset if you upgrade from one bought rank to another
    • Fixed mcMMO leaderboard at spawn not updating
    • Fixed Veteran supply drops giving the wrong loot
    • Fixed Renowned rank giving the wrong number of /sethomes
    • Players will no longer take fall damage when exiting the PvP dropdown at spawn
    • Fixed the incorrect vote rewards being shown on /vote
    • Improved fishing speeds
    • Pardons are now available as a lucky vote from voting
    • Fixed the claiming next to other Factions checker. Factions should no longer be able to claim next to each other
    • Players in limbo can no longer interact with things in the world. This includes blocks and other players
    • Players in limbo will no longer take damage from any source
    • Readded support for 1.9 clients
    • Fix issues with accepting relationship wishes by clicking on the chat message
    • Nether claims are now allowed closer to the worldborder to match the world -> nether scale
    • Fixed players being able to teleport outside of Vaelox land whilst in limbo
    • Fixed enchanting logic, should now take away the correct number of levels.
    • Increased damage done to pickaxes when mining spawners
    • Implemented a warning to players who attempt to mine a mob spawner without the right tool
    • Fixed issues with players ban reduction multipliers from ranks not working
    • Cobwebs no longer slow down sand/gravel/TNT
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