Best reset date for YOU?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Nov 17, 2017.

By Bestle on Nov 17, 2017 at 12:51 AM
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    Our current goal is to reset sometime mid to late (but before Christmas) December. As a lot of you are in school/college/university we need to try and figure out the date that works best for the most players.

    So when would work best for you? When is your last exam or the start of Christmas holidays where you are?


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Nov 17, 2017.

    1. lethal
      december 15
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    2. g33builder
      Im giving you an ultimatum @Bestle. Before Monday morning you either:

      1. Post a changelog for next map
      2. Open staff apps
      3. Unban killervnt

      If you fail to comply I will smite you down with another unnecessarily lengthy suggestion post and double the amount of unread support tickets in your inbox.

      But srsly I think the exact date is the last thing on everyones mind. Please give us an outline of the changes so we can start planning our base / roster. Thanks, Soviet Space Dogs 5.0\

      P.s Im good with anytime as long as its before christmas.
    3. Parted
      My last day of class is December 15th, so any time after that
    4. BrandonDao
      I may not get the computer until Christmas but I'll see.
    5. THExMist
      I think the December 14-15 is a good time, many schools start having their breaks and/or last days around this time before the break, at least in my area. Not so sure about other timezones
    6. Anc
      Bro I wish, I'm in school until the 22nd lol.

      23rd would be the best reset day for me, but I'm honestly down to play any day as long as I get the unbanerino
    7. Defier_
      I suppose Dec 15 would work for me, although I'd love for it to be earlier I can see that early-mid december seems to be the consensus.

      I'm going to be out of state for the majority of the christmas holidays so whatever I guess.
    8. Vilanoxx
      I'm done my last final the second week of December, would prefer the reset to be done early/mid than late December.
    9. SereneSteel
    10. HDSwifty
      let's not reset it and act like it's coming eventually and stay on These forums forever
    11. TheBellyBongos
    12. TheBellyBongos
      My school is cutting down on days off so I get off in the 23rd, but free to play b4 that.
    13. HDSwifty
      Never forget
    14. Ass_Vileator
      I vote for Dec 24th. We need to see who the real dedicated minemen are who are going to be skipping Christmas with their families to dig trenches and gen bucket walls!
    15. Defier_

      I think you should make the grace period next map last for a week as I don't think anybody was a real fan of the 2 day period last map. Also please address potential printer restrictions in a later post :)
    16. Ass_Vileator
      No. no grace period! I miss the days of trolling and scatting kids walls before they watered them
    17. Defier_
      I'd love to do that but everybody is a little bitch now and would quit instantly if that happened :(

      Also I don't want to have to venture outside whatever base I'm in next map and this would aid in that process
    18. SereneSteel
      How about like 3x crop growth/mob spawn rates for factions who choose to disable their raid protection for the first week?
    19. Defier_
      Yeah added benefits for factions who choose to do this wouldn't be too much of a problem. Our good friend in smoke will have an issue with factions who'll finish their base in 5~ days and still get the added bonus, but then again larger factions will always have an advantage regardless.

      I don't care what's done as long as I can help finish a base in a closed off box

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