Ghosts breached Farside?

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By Bestle on May 2, 2017 at 9:54 PM
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    Since the start of Season 2, Factions have been able to "breach" another Faction by firing TNT which explodes inside the core chunk and between the y-levels show in the /f raidinfo for that Faction. Further information can be seen on this guide:

    While it was initially announced that Factions simply had to pass TNT through the core, this was scrapped before release and never introduced to the live server. The mechanic on the live server has always required an explosion inside the chunk.

    I was under the impression that players were fully aware of this fact, as it was just how it has always been and is what is suggested on the guide. It is clear by the recent Ghosts vs Farside situation that this is not the case.

    I will do my best to try and update any out-of-date information out there and will also be making sure that all staff are fully aware of recent changes so that players are not fed incorrect information.

    As you know, we like to be transparent and post all changes made to the server at - though this change wasn't mentioned as it never actually went live.

    So yes, while Ghosts did manage to cannon their way into the centre of Farsides base, they never exploded any TNT inside of the actual core and therefore no breach was counted. I can understand the frustration, but I'm sure they can easily get into Farside again ;)


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, May 2, 2017.

    1. Matt
      So what you're saying is you failed to relay information to players on your server, and when players even asked admins on your server they gave FALSE information.

      If you failed to mention / release the information, why don't Ghosts get the points? Since that is how it was played out.

      All i can say is if this was North Korea raiding Ghosts/Farside they'd would have been given the points 100%, server is scripted for North Korea to raid Farside and win the map period.

      In terms of the mechanic, why you changed it i will never know, having to land TNT into well design bases that can manipulate the core chunk so where you're going to have to back-stack a shit ton on factions that have players constantly online is a lot harder than it should be.

      I'm sure basket will quote me with some long essay, before you do fuck off.
    2. Bestle
      Ghosts don't get the points because that's not how the mechanic has ever worked and would be unfair on everyone else.

      Why would North Korea have been given the points if the situation was the same? Nobody except myself/swifteh can do that and neither of us have a particular affinity to anyone one Faction.
    3. TheBellyBongos
    4. Matt
      From what i've read on a few threads and when players have asked ADMINS for example:

      "******: TnT only needs to pass through the core chunk, correct?
      [11-4-2017 62:17] HEEVES: Yes
      [11-4-2017 62:44] *******: Thanks =)"

      Obviously it's a miss-understanding, but doesn't seem to be ghosts fault, i'm not sure what you can do but seems a shitty situation for players on your server that have spent a bunch of time and resources to raid a faction that has constant players online, raids happening like this are pretty rare on factions like farside that have players online 24/7 (should be), sucks that ghosts have gotten as close as they can to be fucked over by a servers mistake.
    5. Matt
      I remember ice saying it wasn't possible or something, but idk shitty mechanic.
    6. GodofConquest
      northkorea + farside = ultimate team
    7. Closd
    8. GodofConquest
      ty bby when u getting on zunix
    9. Closd
    10. Sambuca
      Easier said than done
    11. GodofConquest
      selling tps to heeves room /pay datsanik 50000 for each tp
    12. TheBellyBongos
      Ban evasion
    13. GodofConquest
      no thats my brother and hes from another mother b
    14. Milan
      Its not a server mistake if some people forgot to read a guide before they do something. There is a guide for a reason. (Btw that quote is only a small part of the chat and someone corrected heeves after he said that)
    15. GodofConquest
    16. GodofConquest
    17. Matt
    18. imaBASKET
    19. imaBASKET

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