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By Bestle on Oct 13, 2017 at 5:32 AM
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    One mechanic we want to tweak in Season 5 is the primary claim mechanic. We think the idea of having multiple targets to hit when raiding is a good one, but it isn't perhaps the most intuitive.

    We are proposing to simplify the mechanic in the following ways:
    • All primary claim commands for settings/unsetting primary claims are removed. Primary claims will be automatically assigned by the Factions plugin.
    • If a chunk is detected as containing over 'x' dollar value, the chunk will be marked as a primary claim for 24 hours.
    • If a (large) farm is detected inside a chunk, it will be marked as a primary claim for 24 hours.
    • Chunks marked as primary claims can be unclaimed at any time; If another Faction (or the same Faction) claims the chunk the primary claim status will carry over.
    • Primary claims can be raided by TNT that passes through the chunk, as well as if it explodes in the chunk (as it already does).
    • A Faction without any primary claims would not be able to gain points through any means. Any existing points would decay over time (and possibly be pooled and then distributed as prizes to other Factions).
    All other aspects would remain the same. Primary claims can be raided to both steal points and slow down or stop the growth rate of the Faction that owns that primary claim.

    We hope that the above changes make it much more user-friendly while keeping the core goals the same.

    What do you think?
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Oct 13, 2017.

    1. lethal
      People will just unclaim the primary chunks when they see a cannon being built outside there base
    2. Bestle
      and risk someone else claiming it from them?
    3. Trippel
      or just get rid of the points system
    4. lethal
      yes thats what alt facs are for
    5. Bestle
      Would this be solved if you cannot unclaim a primary claim if someone has cannoned ANY of your claims in the past x time?
    6. lethal
    7. g33builder
    8. TheBellyBongos
      It needs to be extremely simple. Many of the new peoples quit because of this and it needs to be easy to understand and have helpers that will actually help. Most likely people that teach this to them are the average joes
    9. Ass_Vileator
      No, cos someone could just randomly shoot TNT into your land, or cannon a spawnbase or something to troll. And suddenly you cant go and unclaim that stupid farm some idiot on your fac built or something.
    10. Cines
      Just remove the point system it's fucking gay
    11. Milan
      People could use this to detect raids tho.
    12. lethal
      well there are many exploits that can be done with this im sure and as @Milan said you can use it to detect raids however unclaiming primary claims while being raided was an issue in previous maps and still needs to be fixed
    13. lethal
      its probably just better to remove primary chunks and go back to faction cores rather than removing the point system
    14. atlanta0
      I don't understand why you think making it even easier to breach solves anything. It's already nearly impossible for a small faction to survive. What about the buffer? Printer? The alt faction rules?

      Sure, this addresses moving primary chunks to avoid being breached, but what about balancing raiding so you're not catering to the large factions only?

      Will the points awarded still be 10%? Or are you planning on increasing it?
    15. EnchantedHoe
    16. Defier_
      I think we're over-complicating this guys. Regardless of what precaution you (Bestle) put in place we (the players) will always find a way around it. Just start punishing people who break the rules and we won't have this problem.

      @Bestle please make changes to Castle for next map if you plan on keeping it. As it stands you can currently log a number of alts and simply log them on and take it whenever in about 3 minutes (neutral time + cap, as the limit is 10% per 10s)
    17. SereneSteel
      Should make sense that the larger a faction is, the more success they'll have in raiding no? I like the idea of all factions being on equal footing regardless of size, but I feel like if you were going to do that it'd require some pretty radical changes
    18. g33builder
      If I had a dollar every time you said this.

      But don't worry you guys will keep evading and I will keep going on alts and reporting you.

      The circle of life continues...
    19. lethal
      This may just cause more issues, i.e would you ban people for logging in alts to cap castle faster?? If people get banned because things aren't made clear in patch notes etc they will just complain on forums and then probably quit just like how some of ghosts quit last map because they didnt get points for breaching farside even tho staff members said all they need to do is shoot tnt into the core and not have it blow up.

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