Repairing walls sucks... but now a bit less

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    Getting raided sucks; not only do you lose a ton of valuables but you also end up with a load of broken walls that nobody wants to spend hours repairing. Our new stacker plugin will make this as easy and as quick as possible.

    The idea of the stacker plugin is that by placing one block, you can rebuild an entire column from bedrock to sky limit.

    The first step in using the stacker plugin is buying some currency. Every time the stacker plugin places a block on your behalf it uses up 1 currency. You can buy some by typing /stacker buy <number> and it costs $5000 per 1000 blocks. Once you have some currency, you can start stacking blocks by sneaking while placing and having the stacker toggled on with /stacker on.


    The above image is the output of typing /stacker info. This shows your current settings as well as how many blocks stacker can place on your behalf before you need to buy more. Our stacker plugin is very advanced and can be configured to place blocks only between certain y levels, place blocks upwards, downwards or upwards and downwards.

    You can also configure stacker to replace liquids with the block you are stacking, or to stop stacking when it reaches another block.

    A full list of commands can be found by typing /stacker help.

    As stacker is a very powerful tool, there a few caveats:
    • Stacker can only place blocks that can be seen on /stacker blocks
    • The stacker cannot be used if any part of your land has been cannoned within the past 30 minutes
    • The stacker cannot be used if an enemy is nearby
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Oct 19, 2016.

    1. lethal_shrekin
    2. cigar n waffles
      cigar n waffles
      good work :) this is a great way to ensure that people don't quit after being cannoned.
    3. TheBellyBongos
      Lit needs to come back now
    4. Grump
      Copying optic even more!
    5. lethal_shrekin
      pretty sure origin had this before vaelox and optic....
    6. Algid_Giant
      Pretty sure I had the first version before them all. I can post the date and have the author of the plugin come here :\ Mine was simple lol. . .it could be used to stop raids though which we were going to fix.

      Search for my enchanted blocks on this forums. . u place a block, it turns all blocks above it and below it to that block. We even had a trenching block lol. . .regardless. . the Faction gods have spoken and this version seems to be the best route. . . .Gj Bestle on making it more usefull. . .

      To those who hate copycats. . . ..DONT FUCKING USE SOMEONE ELSES CANNON OR BE IN A FACTION THAT DOES THAT SHIT. . .how can u be mad at him when you all do the same fucking thing because it makes it easier on everyone. . .

      Again GJ Bestle
    7. Algid_Giant
      Happen to know Origin or Optics launch dates? I do. . Optic was about 2 months after my plugin was made lol. . .. and I was advertising on their server, in which I got banned from Optic lol. . .they came on my server and seen all I had and they took it first. . .idk about Origions tho. . don't make me stream my proof lol
    8. ezirP
    9. lethal_shrekin
      ya dude??
    10. MightyMurphy
      This is awesome, at least more people will stay after getting raided now. Gj!
    11. SereneSteel
      daegonner had it before everyone else too lol
    12. lethal_shrekin
      i didnt play daegonner so i didnt know
    13. Algid_Giant
      Ill post a video of my enchanted blocks soon. . Pretty sure ive talked about them on here. I cant advertise either lol so idk how I could show u my server.

      There was a war when gontroller died. . Lots of new startup servers. . . I owned one of them. . .
    14. ezirP
    15. Sambuca
    16. Trav
      lol xd hahaha ok dude you are right you are the Real Faction Lord. You Are The Only One To Combat Beastle In His Quest For Becoming The Greatest MineMan Of All Eternity. With Your Knowledge Of Running The Best MineMan Servers And Yourr'e Amazing Engineering Skills To Create Magnificent Cannons Beyond This Dimension. Not Even The Most Spectacular MineCraft P V P er Can Challenge You For The Title.
    17. Algid_Giant

    18. cigar n waffles
      cigar n waffles
      Trav you might want to go #RepairAWall ;)
    19. HDSwifty

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