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    The results for Season 1 are now in and you can find the winning Factions and eligible members below. If a name has anything in brackets it means they are not eligible for coupons or Amazon gift cards. Reasons include being an alt, not being a member for at least 2 weeks or not contributing any points to the Faction.

    All coupons will be automatically distributed to eligible players in the next 24-48 hours via ingame /mail.

    Raid, carter_246 and JohnSlon: You guys/girls need to contact me via forum PM so that we can sort out splitting your Amazon voucher among eligible Faction members. It does not need to be split evenly but we would hope that you take a fair approach.

    The leaders of the rest of the Factions listed here need to contact me via forum PM to let me know the currency, country and email address for the Amazon gift cards to be sent to.

    Winners – Demonic
    Members: Raid, Loot (alt), Jimothy, Baserocks, Themba, klassikreloadz, EoPlaysHD, SereneSteel, Kachow_, iTeeloh, Mateo_, Ribich, MightyMurphy, Chzn, Polr, lethal_shrekin, Hock3ystar, Nelson_, Aimlocked, Raffled

    2nd – 246Team
    Members: carter_246, ukas246, Lepax246, Lanarc246, Nobo246 (alt), Sleikka, Mike_246 (alt), SethBling246 (alt), JessPinkman246 (alt), SaulGoodman246 (alt), Kakka246 (alt), TucoSalamanca246 (alt), WakterWhite246 (alt), DoctorWho246 (alt), Xmix46 (alt), Slime246 (alt), YouAreHated (¬2 weeks), 246Team (alt), Slinas246 (alt), MaxGuevara246 (alt)

    3rd – TNT
    Members: JohnSlon, Chquynn, LuBu, Avery_Kush, PaulaTheKoala, ZF4 (alt), Horny12YearOld (alt), BonusChest, Maevis (¬ points), Vaylle (alt), Teslane (¬ points), 1_Samuel_1 (alt), EarlyCummer (alt), beaverwithafork (alt), slitherysnek (¬ points)

    4th – Beast
    Members: Enderb0ss341, HeadHanger27, Ukrain20, killervnt, Canadian2point0, TaySargee, Enderkiller341 (alt), marie1178 (alt), Mzaneb, Authagos, _Victarion (alt), Poles, MMusia, Enderkiller286 (alt), sawguy2003 (alt), skymaster10200, cool_kayla (alt), RubeusHagrid101 (alt), laurendancer909 (alt), BellaBlu_7 (alt)

    5th – Guardian
    Members: cigar_n_waffles, Algid_Giant, micflame, Dellirum (¬2 weeks), Pancake37, gir99, 2000COOL1, Woola246 (alt), ScriptaKat (¬2 weeks), 2Hash, THExMist, Hacked101, Lydia_246 (alt), Hector_246 (alt), GordanFreeman246 (alt), E_lain_8_or (¬2 weeks), TwoFourSix

    6th – lethalisroode
    Members: xUnusx, bubbleboxbuilder, Linkzah, okari492

    7th – Secure
    Members: AlexAP, ProAce (¬ points), ExpertMark (¬ points), Anthony_1010 (¬ points), GisliT (¬ points), 828 (¬ points), Go4 (¬ points), 8Q8 (¬ points), SwegNotch (¬ points)

    8th – DeGroot
    Members: milandegroot, 0Star (¬ 2 weeks), bassdegroot, minekam20, BIGbambino, Simpul, danifanDegroot, lincolnh1999, brandoncole123 (¬2 weeks), Bo_Kessels, firelordcj101 (¬2 weeks), Solwolfer (¬2 weeks), supf (¬2 weeks), DeGrootMaster, Polled, Obsidio32, bassie34 (¬2 weeks), Ucallmesir, OZevo, ObeyMeYouShall

    9th – Lit
    Members: modso, Lukemaster101, niceaim, TRIX2G (¬2 weeks), Zuen, Zyroniic, JavTheAlmighty, NEO_MAN233 (¬2 weeks), jordibandit (alt), Sharpness100 (¬2 weeks, alt), Guppness (alt), ModsoIsLove (alt), WinnDixie (alt), WitchSpawner (alt), ModsoIsLife (alt)

    10th – Valhalla
    Members: Chubska, holazach, Statline, Quindalle, SellScript, Chiragjez, ryan_______69, Kolba (¬ points), Spraytheblock (¬ points), IComboYou (¬ points), UselessMartin, Hwatz, Chirag, Swinkera, aimed (¬ points), Tiggerz (¬ points), Stackerz (¬ points), Dropstyles (¬ points)
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Dec 28, 2016.

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