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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Oct 24, 2017.

By Bestle on Oct 24, 2017 at 11:50 PM
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    While we are working away on Season 5 (and have been for some time), it is unlikely that we will have anything ready that will meet your expectations in the next couple of weeks.

    This puts us in a slightly difficult position as having a Christmas-time-ish reset is pretty much mandatory for a server. Resetting mid-November (which is realistically the earliest we would have something ready by) would mean that Season 5's map would only be about a month long.

    I feel that our best option is going to be having a reset at the earliest possible time in December when most people have finished school/college etc for their holidays. This will make sure that Season 5 is absolutely ready and gives us plenty of time to build up hype and work on all of the planned features.

    With players from all over the globe, it's going to be tricky to find something that is perfect for everyone, but it would be nice to get some feedback about what would work for you. What date do you finish school for the holidays? When are your last exams?

    The thought of having no new Vaelox Season to play until December upsets me too, but hang in there, it'll be worth the wait :)
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Oct 24, 2017.

    1. SereneSteel
      Like the second week of December would be best for me so I could actually play over Christmas break
    2. g33builder
      Defier is going to actually commit suicide when he sees this.

      I'd like a response from you on my latest post Bestle, your absence of late kind of helps the argument.
    3. Bestle
      Latest post?
    4. Defier_
    5. EnchantedHoe
    6. g33builder
      Just going to put these all out there because I don't think you have seen half of them.

      NEW! "Staff & Management":
      "Terrain Suggestions":
      "Star Wars Revenge of the Wanna be Helper":
      "LB Discussion":
      "Mildly Adequate Suggestions from g33":

      Besto this has legit been my signature for almost a month.
    7. Ass_Vileator
      The current Vaelox Towny experience is awesome!

      @g33builder wanna team up and cannon @Defier_ again
    8. TheBellyBongos
      In the meantime bestle you should wipe the map and give it a fresh terrain for those mineman to run around and play unil December!
    9. Ass_Vileator
      @Bestle Did you just shut the server off?
    10. HDVolxx
      December 22nd would work perfect for me.
    11. TheBellyBongos
    12. Thursting
      I miss the old supply drops where everyone made obby towers and used bows etc to defend. The new supply drops are good fun too but because they are strictly in spawn only, players tend to get the loot and just run to their traps. The old supply drops out in the wild created better fights in my opinion!
    13. g33builder
      We have wild drops now old man.

      Please play next map so there is comp in archer! Now that killer is banned im a god :(
    14. Thursting
      Im down to play again, its just whether the server can bring back and attract new active players. Last few maps have just been full of alts :(

      Haha of course! Why did killer get banned?
    15. GaleenPanda
      Didnt he get unbanned
    16. g33builder
      Spreading Lies.
      I think his alt was unbanned for another reason.
    17. Vilanoxx
      I have a final the first week of December and then on Tuesday of the second week but that's it, so the second week would work out good for me.
    18. atlanta0

      Hopefully, in the future, Vaelox administration gathers input on the player base during the season while actually logged on to the server. It seems to be a common occurrence for idea gathering and these types of threads to occur during the off season. It would make much more sense to get the information from the players who actively play during the season. No offense to anyone here but, why make changes according to what people say, who quit the map within 2 days?

      I think someone's online time should be considered when an idea is submitted or an opinion is given. Personally, I think it was wrong what happened to @killervnt seeing as he was the most active player on the server (next to myself of course) but maybe the public didn't have all the information necessary to understand the situation. I know he was very open about the problems with Vaelox, but not because he was being an asshole. He just passionately cares about the server.

      About the reset date, I think it should be as soon as possible because from my experience, the number one way a server dies is simply not resetting. What happened to us, at JustPvP, was the same type of break down in communication between owner and player base. Everyone wanted a reset, but didn't understand the full story, so everyone became angry at @swifteh and for the most part just wanted him to log on.

      I'd like to say that the most important thing about the reset, should be active staff selected using a formula that takes into consideration the amount of time played on the server during the season, activity on the forum (on a staff level), and general improvements to the server. Some of us are long time players who only want to see Vaelox succeed in the long run. I know @g33builder has put a lot of time into many, many great suggestions, and others have too. I think all suggestions should be saved in an organized way on a spreadsheet and rated using criteria like "likelyhood to be implemented, area of impact, suggested by, estimated effort to complete", and a comment box for you to address each idea with a note if you feel that it's necessary.

      Why not create a weekly team speak Q&A session so the player base can ask questions and get answers? It would be a great way to connect with the community and feel the heart beat of the server. I think a lot of important issues get looked over, and other more unimportant changes are put on the fore front. The reduction of buffer this map, without the removal or reduction of printer usage, was disappointing and it created a level of distrust with what the administration communicate, what what actually happens. That is a dangerous situation and should be avoided. A simple announcement explaining the situation would have alleviated it, and it wouldn't have had to go into great detail. Just a notification of what is happening.

      Reset date should be as soon as possible, and it wouldn't hurt to interact with some of the players during the "off-season". If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope to talk to you sometime.
    19. SereneSteel
      We have a pretty good idea of what old players want on the server, it makes sense to appeal and listen to players that haven't played on the server as much if you want the population to grow.
      I guarantee you that resetting ASAP would just lead to a dead map. Resetting over Christmas break brings in the most players at a time where everyone has free time to play. If you reset the server a week from now, people would quit for other servers resetting at Christmastime, leading to a map that only lasts a month tops. Vaelox ≠ JustPvP. Bestle can reset whenever he'd like, and is 100x more communicative than swifteh ever was. The only thing holding him back from resetting earlier is at the request of the players.
      Agreed on the new staff point. Demote staff that don't play or contribute, and promote new ones. Only issue is the one that's been a problem for a long time: good, active candidates. Last map HEEVES made a Google doc where a bunch of players compiled their thoughts and suggestions, which I thought worked out well. But Bestle made a thread specifically for suggestions, so if you wanted them to be heard that's the place to do it- no need to overcomplicate things and discourage people from making suggestions with a format that's a pain in the ass to follow.
      Agreed, better communication seems like it's always needed. Whatever medium you choose for it idc, so long as it's effective

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