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    Radio silence is never a good thing so just wanted to do a brief post letting you know what exactly is going on.

    Season 5 development is currently underway. It perhaps isn't going as quickly as expected due to having a lot of other commitments but we are making progress each day.

    The original plan was to just make a few changes to Season 4 and relaunch fairly quickly with the same builds and feature set. This plan has since changed and we are going to be making more substantial changes to the server before launching Season 5. The Season 4 spawn was admittedly fairly cruddy so that is definitely something we want to change :D

    I get the impression that most of the new changes in Season 4 were fairly well received (except perhaps primary claims which I feel need simplifying) so we have a great base to work with going into Season 5. We want to again concentrate on providing new and interesting things to do while tweaking the core Faction mechanics to deliver a fairer experience for all.

    As always we would love to hear feedback on both what you didn't like about Season 4 and what you would like to see in Season 5.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Sep 25, 2017.

    1. _Finish
    2. killervnt
    3. killervnt
    4. HDSwifty
      Make it more casual
    5. EnchantedHoe
      Here are a few notes...

      Some of these things I don't really have a problem with (i.e. sweating buffers obviously) but have been trying to think about why people have been frustrated with the game. Other things people have asked me to add.

      I haven’t exactly thought all these all the way through, but maybe they will help spark a discussion.

      Fix?: Release changelog with time to get community feedback. Don’t commit (via coding) to major changes to the game before getting feedback from community.

      THE LEMMING EFFECT: In the first few days people see online numbers drop and people quit like lemmings.
      Fix?: First 75 players to answer 3 captchas (or whatever equivalent of say 8 hours of play) enter a drawing for 3 $25 buy craft coupons or something idk, Just to keep them on for first few days, until they’re more mentally invested in the server

      EARLY LEADS: Within hours of reset a few factions have a HUGE lead in wealth which can be discouraging.
      Fix?: Hide /f wealth for 72 hours or a week or something.

      Randoms get on and need factions… they need a place to play.
      Fix?: Let mods or helpers lead factions that take in anyone. Allows new players to get to know people in the community and learn the game. These factions have all the same rules. They can raid and get raided. They can win the map. When new people get on and ask to join factions we can send them a link on the forums about how to join one of these instead of ignoring them (which is what is normally done). Region off boxes for them in base or something. Helps staff stay involved in community.

      Fix?: Allow smaller factions to form alliances that allow them to somehow share the rewards from koths and conquests and split the leadership board points from raiding. Not unlike /party. If they’re in alliance (or whatever you call it) and there are 5 people in group, points are distributed equally among players. Make alliances expire after a few hours.

      I think you guys do a great job with this already.
      Fix?: I would probably just scale up rewards gradually for supply drops and challenges so they’re more meaningful at the end.

      Create an upgrade that allows a faction to have 1 to 4 hour range of protected time where all explosions are disabled in all of their claimed chunks. 24 hour delay in changes to start and end. Times and pending changes are displayed in /f raidinfo. If a faction is in the middle of raiding a base with a protected range, they have to wait and resume the raid when the range time is completed.

      SNAPSHOT TO RESET LAPSE: Don’t allow a large amount of time between snapshot date and reset date. Kills servers. People find other servers to play and other things to do.

      1. Reset server
      2. After a few weeks start asking for feedback. Update urgent stuff and make list for big season changes.
      3. Toward end of map announce Snapshot/Season End Date Release proposed changelog and ask for feedback with a week deadline.
      4. Listen to community and revise changelog where its warranted
      5. Start coding changes on dev/test server
      6. Do the snapshot.
      7. Take server down
      8. Roll changes over from dev/test
      9. Reset
      10. Keep points snapshot and reset date a week apart maximum.

      INCREASE FACTION SIZE LIMIT TO 40. The current faction size is a huge obstacle for larger factions. We had to kick and add people a lot (rotating roster) Raising the limit might help. I don’t think lowering the max size accomplishes the goals you intended it to.

      Let Youtubers and streamers have their own promo code that they can give to their followers so they can use them to get rewards. Let’s say MrTips is decent youtuber and he decides to plug Vaelox. He can give a code to people in the description and they can use his promo key when joining the server. Entering the promo code lets the player win keys (or something) for first 3 captchas. People eat this shit up. You can only use one promo code per season (can’t use MrTips AND another youtuber’s code). You only receive the rewards after correctly answering captchas. After 3 captchas, no more prizes. Make the rewards equivalent to an emerald/ruby crate or something. You can track which Youtubers are good endorsers. You can keep players playing waiting for captchas. You can sort of avoid bots or using alts (by tying them to captchas). Gives Youtubers/Twitch people an added incentive to promote server because they love giving stuff to their subscribers/followers.

      Bestle is dev on servers with sort of popular youtubers, Get them to upload trailer :)


      Ghosts clients still work perfectly, but normal players who don’t cheat get a disadvantage because of the PvP fix to address reach.

      Make pots one chug and glass bottles disappear.

      Get rid of debuffs. xD

      It’s hard to get tokens for upgrades - classic factions is not about PvP I should be able to buy tokens for upgrades, or buy upgrades with money. I understand the importance of PvP and keeping things interesting for PvP'ers but raiding and grinding should be enough. In other words, don’t make Vaelox great for PvP factions at the expense of traditional factions.

      Don’t immediately repeat part of a weekly/daily challenge. Don’t use “Travel by boat” twice in a row. Make sure challenges are realistic (Cave spiders?)
      Scale up rewards as server ramps up. $75K or a hopper is a lot at the beginning, but not so much toward the end.

      Keep in mind that besides Ranks MCMMO is one of the few things that help retain players from one season to the next. Keep all MCMMO or maybe let them keep 500 on each of the PVP stats.

      Make it so you can grind Axes MCMMO.

      I know no one is going to believe me but people from Attila were falsely banned on multiple occasions on Vaelox. It’s been my interpretation that a common scenario is as follows; Player A thinks Player B is hacking. Player A submits evidence to substantiate claim in a player report or some other shady method. Vaelox staff reviews Player A's report and evidence against Player B is not ban worthy, Staff looks at logs to see if there is further evidence to support claim. Staff bans Player B primarily based on evidence from logs.

      If you’re going to ban people you should be let them know why, so they can appeal properly. We had recordings of many/most of the fights and could have presented them as evidence if we knew which ones we were getting banned for.

      If a player submits player reports privately, the accused player should be able to see the report and defend themselves.

      Vaelox is kind of confusing. Simplify rules wherever possible and keep ALL OF THE RULES in centralized place. Automate Rule enforcement whenever possible.

      Enable pearling in warzone
      Fix issue with pearling into unrendered chunks
      Allow pearling from fly

      Release a client that allows a player to freecam. Disallow all other forms of freecam. Or get whatever plugin you need from ICEAP’s client that allows you to print/freecam. Their minimap thing with the claims on it is sooo cool. At least it was on optic.

      Shorten the delay /STACKER so you can use it quicker after a raid/attempt to patch. A lot of times you’re tired and you just want to patch and log off.

      Make it so the coords to the drop locations are fixed somewhere on screen the whole-time people might be running to collect it.

      Prevent these events from taking up the entire screen while they’re running!


      WITCH: Make it so you can sell pots because…. You start to get way too many pots. Just make it a low sell price. Increase ratio of pots that aren’t instant health.


      Hopper timings. Take this out of upgrades and max out hopper timings. Don’t be ridiculous. Lame.

      If any, remove tick delay on droppers


      making selling easier (I know you guys hate this idea but please get on and try selling a big grinder with no sell wand)

      To ease spawner/item lag make the another faction upgrade to a spawner something that’s stops it from spawning altogether and makes it pay faction bank periodically instead (when afk’d)

      Make a command line or button in ah to repeat last purchase (fill inv) so many clicks to buy something. /ah rp or something. This is to specifically make it easier to keep filling inventory with sand, obby, etc.

      Lower cost of sell wand. Nobody could get them. Log sell wand history on chests.

      Take chests and cobwebs out of decorative section of AH

      Add redstone blocks.


      INCREASE POINTS FOR BREACHING PRIMARY CLAIMS FROM 10% TO 25%. 10% is way too low. When a faction is raided and they lose most of their wealth in that raid they should take a big hit. All that really happens is that they lose 10% of their points and their spot on f top remains pretty much unchanged. They should take a bigger hit when raided.

      REMOVE ABILITY TO MILK DEAD FACTIONS FOR POINTS Factions are milking inactive factions for their leadership points by leaving a cannon pointed at the primary claims and shooting once every time the cooldown is over for another 10% of the dead faction’s remaining points. Make it so a faction must remain active to retain leadership board points. Freeze a faction’s points after 5 days of no login activity. If someone logs in, the points are automatically unfrozen.

      Cannoning Fix/remove East to West Patch because it makes triangle cannons not work

      Double all virtual TNT upgrade levels. They’re way too small even at the highest upgrade levels

      /dclear should NOT take out lava buckets

      Remove damage to player from TNT

      Make TNT available a little sooner. Takes forever to get enough TNT to properly raid+. Lower price of creeper spawners or increase drop rates. People get bored.


      There is a glitch where you can’t claim a 3rd claim. It says you already have 3;

      Make it so you can claim (in order to raid) in that little square in the corners that prevent factions from making corner claims.

      REMOVE ALL RESTRICTIONS ON THE NUMBER OF SEPARATE CLAIMS A FACTION CAN MAKE, This rule was impossible and has no place on a factions server. Factions should be able to claim as much of the map as they want as long as they have faction power to do so. The exceptions should be RAID CLAIMS, TRAPS(max 9) and BUFFER SIZE (max 15)

      Remove the 6x6 maximum raid claim claim restriction. In its place you can only claim up to 80 total chunks within a 30 chunk perimeter of another faction’s base claims. These are considered Raid claims and expire after 1 week (168 hours) at which time the claims are removed. These unclaimed chunks are now available for other factions to claim. The faction who claimed the chunks originally will have to wait 7 more days until they can reclaim the same chunks, but are welcome to claim other ones. Chunks that are more than 30 chunks away from another faction’s primary claims have no size limit and do not expire after a week. Keeps factions from extending buffer with fake enemy claims.


      “/f claim s 3” should make a 5x5 claim not a 7x7 claim

      Claiming “/f claim line 3”` claims 4. Unclaiming “/f unclaim line 3”` unclaims 4, etc.

      CLAIM OR UNCLAIMING NEAR OTHER FAC CLAIMS. If I do “f/ Unclaim S 6” and I’m near another faction’s claims, it won’t let me unclaim any of it because it says I’m trying to unclaim other faction’s claims. It should still unclaim my claims!!!

      /f listclaims past page 8 doesn’t work


      Several times on Season 3 a faction would get the entire server to help them stop us from patching. This is how it would go.

      1. Players lined up at walls to stop us from patching.
      2. We stack our echests with invis, water breathing and obby and go naked in invis to patch. There is no point in PvPing because if you fight them off you still can’t patch because you can’t place in combat.
      3. You try and get close enough to patch but they can always see you in invis because they have a client or "1.8"
      4. If you're lucky you can place a few blocks before they hit you and put you in combat where you can't place. Then they try NOT to kill you so you're kept in combat.
      5. So, you kill yourself (/kys) and go to spawn, get supplies from echest and try again.

      It's hard to describe how frustrating these brute force raids can be. You need to try to stop one yourself. The cannons are so fast. Now they have 25 block floats. You can’t really clip anymore. I believe that defending bases during raids has been nerfed too much. I think that if a raid is found in time and a faction can get 2-3 people on to stop it who aren’t complete idiots, they should be able to stop just about any raid. Consider reducing time or eliminating combat tag preventing you from placing blocks.

      The introduction of gen buckets does indeed help factions build bases more quickly. It also helps those raiding to quickly build (and ultimately repair) 20 Wall Cannon Boxes along the buffer. These claims not only stop other factions from having a chance at a raid, they also give a raiding faction an unfair advantage. Even if the defending faction destroys their cannon. It can be rebuilt in minutes. Years ago there were no cannon boxes, much less massive boxes with 10+ walls. A lot of times you have to build another hybrid at least to get in it. Even then its only practical to destroy part of it. That’s another reason why I think raid claims near the buffer should expire (see RAID CLAIMS).


      Keep printer on entire map (again) :p

      Let me spam commands without getting kicked for spam

      fix water- I can’t remember why I wrote this. Drains slow?? Sources like crazy??

      Fix glass panes and iron bars you get stuck in them

      Make it so you can buy decent picks and shovels in AH

      Making fishing great again!

      No mob arena class with axes. Currently no way to grind axes.

      One hit wet sponges. Sort of works inconsistently depending on side/top/bottom. Try it.

      Make water not break repeaters/comparators

      /f TNT broken?? If I accidentally spam the command it still says the amount was removed from inventory even if it has no place to go. (might be fixed)

      Make it so one food item (pork or steak) cannon be sold with /sell all so that you don’t lose your food every time you sell all. Helps with mining. I think this might work with mutton. This is for when you’re mining and need to make room in your inventory so you “/sell all”. Would be nice if doing so didn’t sell all your food!

      Make sure that EnchantedHoe has a prominent role in all server trailers.

    6. g33builder
    7. g33builder
      Get rid of claim limits or Im going to finna kill myself.
    8. TheBellyBongos
      @killervnt didn’t know they were lies, he just wants to it play some Minecraft
    9. Contritio
      Don't let KOTH's and Supply drops have coupons anymore.
    10. HEEVES
      +1 To almost all of that eHoe, Thank you for the write up. Ill push Bestle in your direction. ;)
    11. TheBellyBongos
    12. Haste
      I'll make arena/KOTH maps for cheap. I don't really play factions, I just build shit for fun
    13. lethal_shrekin
      castle,conquest,pvp,pearls,disguises need fix
    14. g33builder

      Maybe something like a raffle would be better (All entries can get a cool particle effect or something on top of the raffle winners), I don't think you understand how easy it is to boost accounts already with coupons.
      I guess that works :p
      I think this may be too much work for the staff team (In its crippled, inactive state atm) But I'm sure Attila would be happy to let some noobs in their base. (Also don't think restricted perms in a base would go over well with noobs).
      Don't know where I land on this one skip.
      I kinda like the idea but I'm sure @SereneSteel will come around soon and shoot it down and hurt your suggestions self-esteem.
      I really like this plan.
      This was made to discourage quantity over quality, If you were online during Casual's 8 hour raid on Ghosts I'm sure you would understand how frustrating it is to see big actual 30 man crews on your roof. (And yes ik you can team up with allies but this combats the issue none the less).
      I fucking love this idea.


      Why? Because spreading lies.

      Ive talked about this plenty of times, you do not want to give the server currency too much value when it comes to the season's standings.
      Sounds good but the scaling would need to be slight.
      Ive seen @HEEVES tell you guys this so often and it never sticks. @Bestle cannot release the logs and tell them what they got banned for. This is because as we know you will, players will ban evade and lower their settings. The players who were actually cheating will know what they were using and those who were not hopefully can support their claims with a recording or fall on their sword and admit to something they didn't do (At most a 1 map ban if you take the hit and don't make a big scene about it). Admittedly this system is not perfect, but in this case its the closest we can get to justice when it comes to cheating.
      I like the war zone and unrendered chunks thing but I do not think the pearling thing will work. (What I do is quickly double-tap "space" throw the pearl, then re-doubletap.
      I don't think @Bestle is going to go through the effort of the client at this point but will go as far as saying using free-cam shouldn't be bannable. Yes I think most clients have this but you cannot just fucking hold someone like @Seeeth hostage at the expense of having a client to freecam. On Gontroller when I was young I had trouble installing world downloader. In retaliation I got an easy to install hacked client and used it to figure out how to raid small bases.
      I hate writing the coords down.
      Its such a small time frame who cares?
      Mildly Adequate.
      Don't know if this is true but I'm pretty sure this could murder server performance.
      I like it.
      I feel my suggestion to make LB elo based is a far better alternative then to make lb hits an insane 25%

      Ok im bored.

      F i n d T h e S e c r e t M e s s a g e B e s t l e
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    15. atlanta0
      I would hope that one of the changes COULD be that the server owner actually logs on and interacts with the player base.

      Part of the problem this past map was that printer was never removed.

      The changes from season 4 were not "well received" since the player count was very low and most of the population were Ass-vileator Alts.

      In my opinion, the main problem with the server during season 4 was the lack of anyone actually enjoying the server. Atilla got so bored that they created a second faction to acquire more ftop prizes. Basically milking the system for coupons.

      Another issue obviously, I moved my core multiple times after being breached infuriating Attila even though it was well within the rules. These two main issues should be addressed.

      Hopefully more input is used as suggestion material than eHoe's post since a lot of what was suggested helps large factions dominate more which in turn will lower your player count even more.

      The idea should be to continue leveling the field and make it easier for small factions to compete and have fun.
    16. SereneSteel
      hey you guys make your posts on the normal forums so i can giv poop ratings !! kthx
    17. SereneSteel
      Really, take as much time as you need. I personally want the server to reset right around Christmas break, actually, since everyone's gonna have free time and I think there are a lot of people that are burnt out on factions that would want to play again after a little while. But regardless of when it resets, please don't release the reset announcement like 3 days before it resets, otherwise it gets hectic and there's no time to build hype for factions that might potentially play but need to organize all their members to see who's playing.
    18. ToXicZx_
      So you have done nothing for the past 3 months nice!
    19. Thursting

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