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By Bestle on Sep 25, 2017 at 3:57 AM
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    Radio silence is never a good thing so just wanted to do a brief post letting you know what exactly is going on.

    Season 5 development is currently underway. It perhaps isn't going as quickly as expected due to having a lot of other commitments but we are making progress each day.

    The original plan was to just make a few changes to Season 4 and relaunch fairly quickly with the same builds and feature set. This plan has since changed and we are going to be making more substantial changes to the server before launching Season 5. The Season 4 spawn was admittedly fairly cruddy so that is definitely something we want to change :D

    I get the impression that most of the new changes in Season 4 were fairly well received (except perhaps primary claims which I feel need simplifying) so we have a great base to work with going into Season 5. We want to again concentrate on providing new and interesting things to do while tweaking the core Faction mechanics to deliver a fairer experience for all.

    As always we would love to hear feedback on both what you didn't like about Season 4 and what you would like to see in Season 5.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Bestle, Sep 25, 2017.

    1. newpick
      I have no idea what some people think about the kits being 48 hours maybe try making the time between each kit 24. Also maybe add having access to your lower kits. I loved having my other kits on woodycraft below Immortal and that they were every 24 hours after being used. It might make more pvp on maps and can help defend from a raid.
    2. Bestle
      Wow that's a lot of ideas EHoe!

      I won't be able to address all of your points right now but I am interested in "making selling easier". Did you manage to get a void chest? If not, what was the reason?

      Will definitely make obtaining sell wands a little easier by introducing a variety of ways to obtain them. I think a combination of sell wands / void chest is about as easy as selling could ever be.

      Unfortunately I don't think many players got to explore the usefulness of the void chest before ultimately quitting, as feedback on that has been extremely limited (ie none).


      We definitely want to create a decent window between initial announcement and map launch where we can spend longer working through any changes based on feedback and also create more 'hype' by getting our trailer spread around as much as possible.

      I shall try and keep you all updated with what is going on behind the scenes as we approach launch.

      (I get the feeling the trailer we had made may be a little outdated by the time we implement a lot of these suggestions :D)
    3. g33builder
      Wow rude
    4. lethal_shrekin
      there cool and all but no1 is going to go mining for emeralds so that they can recharge there voidchests, remove that and its fine
    5. HDVolxx
      @EnchantedHoe I love all of your suggestions and thank you for creating them! Especially having /f top removed for the grace period.

      A few suggestions I have:

      - remove /f lb and work with /f top...
      - remove /duel for the first 72 hours grace period so that @g33builder does basework instead of archering.
    6. HDVolxx
      Also maybe create special forum moderators to clear up shit whenever someone goes off-topic.
    7. g33builder
      I don't see you earning money off your talent.

      @killervnt is a special boy don't make fun of him.
    8. killervnt
      i volunteer
    9. g33builder
      Sorry we don't give forum moderator to liars. :(
    10. killervnt
      everyone lies
    11. Blackfatrat
      Try to use as many of his ideas as possible especially in regards to how to increase the playercount since it won't matter how good your server is if noone is there to enjoy it.

      In addition to his ideas, could you revamp the coupon system? Bring back how it was on Gontroller and nerf how you get coupons at the moment it'll increase how many people vote on your server and hopefully bring in some new players and hopefully keep the current players more engaged. When I first started Gontroller I remember playing for a very long time just so I could grind up a few coupons for a rank, it was fun and made the time you spent online feel worthwhile. In addition to that it also makes the server feel not pay2win since it gives everyone a fair chance for a rank assuming they put in the effort.

      Another thing I as a player has always appreciated is when staff, especially the higher ones like the owners(i.e you) seem to actually care about the server, things like reseting votes on time, actually being on the server and engaging with the players and so on.

      Try to play on nostalgia, reuse an old spawn from Gontroller, bring back some aspects of it and so on, people love to relive parts of the past while also feeling they're getting something new.
    12. atlanta0
      +1 to all except using an old Gont spawn.

      I strongly agree with the statement about being engaged with the player base and caring about the server from a standpoint of interactions online throughout the map, not just the beginning. Make active and knowledgeable players staff. Remove inactive players who are staff for no reason and unban @killervnt
    13. lethal_shrekin
      once you get staff you wont really get demoted no matter what you do or how inactive you are
    14. SereneSteel
      Is that a challenge
    15. lethal_shrekin
    16. SereneSteel
      brb giving out ur skype !!
    17. ZachDaManParker
      I hate you, fyi
    18. SereneSteel
      ur next big fella !!
    19. g33builder
      Do you want to join STD next map? Oops I meant SSD, my bad.
    20. Milan
      Nobody wants to join your fac!!!
      ps. zach is mine!

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