Welcome to Vaelox

Welcome to Vaelox and thank you for taking the time to check out our exciting new Minecraft server! Vaelox is managed by two experienced developers who are committed to providing a fun and dynamic experience. We are a PvP-focused Factions server with a ton of thrilling and unique features, some of which are detailed below.

Joining our server is absolutely FREE provided you have a valid Minecraft PC account. There is no whitelist and we welcome players from all over the globe!

To connect and play on our server, all you need to do is either add our server to your multiplayer server list entering "play.vaelox.com" into the server address box, or by using direct connect.

We also encourage you to become a member of our forums (don't worry, we wont ever send you spam emails) by clicking on the sign up button at the top-right of this page. Here you can get more involved with our community. We have dedicated sections for reporting players, asking for help, posting YouTube videos and more! You can link your Minecraft account to your Vaelox forum account by typing /link ingame.

Given that it is managed by two skilled developers, our server is certainly not short on features and we are always adding more. We believe that implementing player suggestions is absolutely fundamental to a successful server. If you want to pitch us your idea and maybe see it implemented ingame, go ahead and post it :)

Some highlight features include...

Loot Crates

Loot crates can be obtained ingame by killing monsters in special dungeons, fishing and other activities. Each type of crate contains items unique to that type. You can win items such as mob spawners, high-end armour and beacons by unlocking these crates with the right key.

Supply Drops

Supply drops can be called in by placing a supply drop flare. After placing the flare, a countdown begins and the location of the drop is announced to all players on the server. A tower of smoke signals where the supply drop chest will land.

After the countdown has ended a chest will fall from the sky containing the loot. Be prepared to defend the chest as the entire server narrows in on its location - The rewards for successfully looting a supply drop are worth it!

King of the Hill

Team up with your Faction or go it alone in the quest to gain control of one of our King of the Hills. These are activated periodically and the prizes for holding control until the timer runs out are epic! Be sure to kit yourself out in the best gear possible to stand a chance at being crowned "King of the Hill".

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